04 April 2016

I'm Building a Home (AKA CM)

Your home is your castle, but this ain’t the Dark Ages.

Enter the era of Home Enlightenment.

Welcome to Castle Modern, the enlightened household built by Knowledge. 

In the seemingly never-ending quest to design, build and/or renovate the perfect abode, it pays to discover as much as possible — and to use what one learns to an advantage. (Plumb the past in order to inform the future, then implement the result/s.) Be it landscape engineering, home automation, home improvement, antique shopping, green energy or urban farming. Whatever it takes to make your house a home perfect for you (or in this case, me). This is a life's journey!

Join me as I review products, undertake DIY projects, ponder world issues that affect one's ability to live well and generally work toward creating my own Private Idaho. 

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