29 December 2018

See How @Kroger Kicks Off #FreeFridayDownload for 2019! #Coffee

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE 1850 Ready to Drink Coffee (13.7 fl. oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon to your Kroger or Kroger affiliate store card between 12am-11:59pm PT on January 4. Redeem by Sunday, January 20. Available in most stores.

09 December 2018

Free High Brew Coffee Cold Brew @Kroger December 14 #FreeFridayDownload #Trends

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE High Brew Coffee Cold Brew (8 fl. oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon to your Kroger or Kroger affiliate store card between 12am-11:59pm PT on December 14. Redeem by Sunday, December 30. Available in most stores.

02 December 2018

Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload #H2O? We Drinking #Aloe Now? #Trends

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Aloe Gloe Organic Aloe Water (15.2 fl. oz., any variety). Download your digital coupon to your Kroger or Kroger affiliate store card between 12am-11:59pm PT on December 7. Redeem by Sunday, December 23. Available in most stores.

25 November 2018

Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload #Coffee

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Forto Coffee Shot (2 fl. oz.). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on November 30. Redeem by Sunday, December 16. Available in most stores.

23 November 2018

Free Promised Land Dairy Milk @Publix Load Digital #Coupon

Check your publix.com account, there's a new digital coupon available --- baring all impressions having been claimed --- for a FREE (up to $1.79) ONE Promised Land Milk 12oz that expires 15-Dec-2018.

Load your ecoupon to claim a FREE Ultra Rich & Creamy Milk!

17 November 2018

Light Up Your Holidays w/ @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload 23/Nov Candle

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Candle-Lite Company Jar Candle (3 oz.). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on November 23. Redeem by Sunday, December 9. Available in most stores.

16 November 2018

New @Publix #Freebie Digital #Coupon #Yogurt

Check your publix.com account, there's a digital coupon available --- baring all impressions having been claimed --- for a FREE (up to $1.64) ONE CUP any flavor YQ by Yoplait™ that expires 28-Nov-2018.

Load your ecoupon to claim a FREE Yogurt!

13 November 2018

Nearly Free $1.00 @Amazon #EchoDot Score! @AmazonMusic Unlimited #Promotion

A few days ago Amazon ran a promotion (that ended quickly once folks ahem started abusing it, which allowed one to get an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation (i.e., the latest model) as a $1.00 add-on to any Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. One could choose to purchase a 1-month Single ($7.99) or Family Plan ($14.99) and qualify for a $48.99 account credit that would be applied to the purchase of an Echo Dot [MSRP $49.99] thus making the item $1.00.

A person could score an Echo Dot for a mere $8.99, if choosing the low-end Amazon Music Unlimited plan (one month term). But the deal got sweeter once folk discovered that Amazon Music Unlimited Trial Plans (which offer 30 days free service for new users) also qualified for the Echo Dot account credit. Thus, if you possessed an account that was offered an Amazon Music Unlimited Trial (if you were a new user) you could score an Echo Dot for only $1.00 including free shipping!

Needless to say, I splurged and got an Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Heather Grey) for $1.00, even though I already have an Echo 1st Gen (the Big Guy). I used Gift Card funds that I keep on my account to pay for it, so was pretty much a freebie. I always have Amazon Money just for such purposes and because this makes shopping simpler. (I am an old-timer Amazon customer.) I earn GCs from all manner of online surveys and rewards programs to keep my family's accounts funded. (I don't think I've ever in the life of my family's accounts added money out of pocket and the oldest account is like 15 years or so.) Heck my pup even has her own Amazon account with a replenishing GC balance to cover her various treats and medicines subscriptions. She's got it like that LOL! Pretty certain that she recognizes the Amazon Delivery guy and definitely expects that any Amazon package is for her. Some spoiled pup, huh?

But I digress. Of course once word got out about the (true) $1.00 Echo Dot promotion, in another sordid tale as old as time of "there is always someone to spoil a promotion for the honest and ethical folks," reports quickly surfaced that greedy people were making new Amazon accounts left and right to stock up on $1.00 Echo Dots (presumably for resell). Of course, Amazon got wind of this and/or noticed all the new accounts being generated by a handful of IPs and pulled the promotion early stated that all promotional supplies had been exhausted.

Hope you scored an Echo Dot for only $1.00, if this was on your holiday list and that you got in on the deal before the Grinch spoiled it. I just happened to catch the deal myself. It went dead like 30 minutes after I placed an order. But I guess, this is the true spirit of the consumer holidays, you have to keep an eye out to catch the limited-time deals bubbling up.

Who Says #GrillingSeason Is Over? Not @Kroger! Your Next #FreeFridayDownload

Coming Up Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE McCormick Grill Mates Bottled Seasoning (2.5-3.5 oz.). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on November 16. Redeem by Sunday, December 2. Available in most stores.

04 November 2018

Do the Mashed Potato? For The Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload

Up Next Friday, November 9th!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Idahoan Potato Pouch or Cup (1.5-4.1 oz). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on November 9. Redeem by Sunday, November 25. Available in most stores.

29 October 2018

The Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload? Yogurt!

Up Next Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Chobani Flip or A Hint of Flavor Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz.). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on November 2. Redeem by Sunday, November 18. Available in most stores.

25 October 2018

Put A Teal Pumpkin on Your Doorstep #Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time for children with food allergies. While everyone loves scoring a free treat, not everyone can eat everything safely. To this end, the Food Allergy organization spearheaded an initiative called the Teal Pumpkin Project to encourage those giving out treats on Halloween to consider children with food allergies and also make some non-food items available

Need alternative treat suggestions? To find out more visit the Teal Pumpkin Project and add your home to the map indicating you'll also provide alternative treats for children with food allergies.

20 October 2018

Can You Say Pork Chorizo? It's the Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload! #WhatsForDinner

Up Next Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE package of Cacique Pork Chorizo (9 oz.). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on October 26. Redeem by Sunday, November 11. Available in most stores.

15 October 2018

Quick! Post Pet Pics to Twitter & Earn $5 @ASPCA Donation

Here's a doable good deed: Now thru Sun 21/Oct, Haggar Clothing Co. will give the ASPCA $5.00 for each pet image shared on Twitter with the hashtag #HaggarHelps up to a total $10,000 donation! Help support the ASPCA's mission to save animal lives. Post a pet pic now!

NOTE: Posts cannot violate copyright or trademark laws & must comply with Twitter guidelines & applicable law.

13 October 2018

A Candy Bar is the Next @Kroger #FreeFridayDownload

Up Next Friday!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Reese's Outrageous Standard Bar (1.48 oz). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on October 19. Redeem by Sunday, November 4. Available in most stores.

12 October 2018

Fall is Finally Here! #WeatherGeek #BeCivil

I can't believe it! The temperature actually dipped down into the 50s overnight and it's only supposed to rise into the 70s today. Yummy! This is my kind of weather. Break out the hoodies, sweatshirts, cable knit sweaters and light coats. Pull out your duck boots. And get ready for a good time. The leaves started turning colors and falling roughly three weeks ago even though we were still in the 90s. The trees decided it was Fall, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Now she's come around!

Pup was so funny on the morning walk. She loves the Fall, also. The cooler weather means less panting outside. Plus, there are so many different things to sniff! She was bounding everywhere.

This weather is a welcome change after the crazy storms and damage that Hurricane Michael brought the other night. At least three big trees toppled around my neighborhood ---thus, the 12-hours power outage. Luckily, only property damage though. No major injuries reported.

I think I'll go mull some cider and put on a pot of rice. I want a nice hot lunch. Well, wherever you are enjoy the day. Hope it's bright and shining! Make it a point to learn something new today. And be kind to your neighbors...

11 October 2018

My Weekend Watch -- Ocean's 8 UHD Digital Copy #GotItFree #Michael

I just scored a Free UHD MA Digital Copy of Ocean's 8 (4k). I'm a member of a media feedback panel and was asked to watch the movie & the included extras, then fill out a survey within 10 days. To facilitate this, I was given a redemption code for a free digital copy of the movie. The digital copy code was redeemed via Movies Anywhere (and is also UV compatible), so the movie is now stored in the cloud of all my connected services, but I use Vudu as a smartphone app default. I plan to download a copy to my phone for offline viewing just in case something else goes amiss. (We just had a hurricane roar by to our South. My hearts goes out to everyone affected.)

I didn't catch this movie when it was in theaters --- I'm usually gun shy on remakes --- so this should be a fun project. I've since heard it was actually a decent film and I want to see it. Well, my weekend is starting to look good, providing we can dig out from all the damage and debris left by Hurricane Michael by then. I'm hoping for the best. After a 12-hours outage, the power is back on now (which is allowing me to post this). I'll take it as a good sign.

On the bright side, now that the hellavu hurricane and a simultaneously arriving Cold Front have swept through my area, the heat is clearing out. We are finally supposed to get real Fall weather after having been subjected to ~90 degrees temps nearly up until the storm last night. Fall is my favorite season! And I've been antsy waiting for it to actually show up.

I want to say thank you to all the Police & Fire Dept First Responders, the Emergency Crews and Utility workers who braved the storm and kept us afloat! My BFF twin is out on patrol now in this mess. (He wouldn't have it any other way, though.) We owe them all a debt.

Be safe out there, peeps.

10 October 2018

FYI @DrinkCheerwine is introducing #MINICans (NC/SC area) #Tastemakers

I just found out recently (like yesterday) that one of my favorite sodas, Cheerwine (a Southern favorite) is introducing mini cans in the North Carolina (its home state) and South Carolina markets. Apparently, mini cans sell well. Sodas were losing ground to bottled water, but the introduction of mini cans has brought some of those sippers back into the soda fold. Some folks have convinced themselves, that if they buy a smaller soda they will drink less, when most people probably end up drinking more. But to each his own.

Personally, I don't understand the fascination with pretend healthier options. If you want a soda, drink a soda. (I know some people have health issues which may preclude this, but having the option of a mini can vs a regular sized one, isn't truly helping them.) Only way I'm getting a mini can is if someone gives me one (many). I'll stick with my glass bottles or my 12oz cans (in a no-glass-available pinch). Thank you very much.

However, it's cool, if someone tries Cheerwine for the first time via a little can, I guess. If the person hasn't had the soda before and is curious and thinks a smaller serving is a low-key way to check it out. I'm all for it. But I'm a card-toting Cheerwine Fan Club member, a Tastemaker. I buy the real thing, the adult-sized beverages LOL! Good luck with the marketing angle, though. I don't knock a business for trying out new things, sometimes you gotta adapt and change to continue to thrive, as long as they don't touch my glass bottles.

Love y'all, Cheerwine.

09 October 2018

Viking Mayhem! #LeifEriksonDay: Vikings vs New World Explorers #ColumbusDay

Interestingly enough, Columbus Day (yesterday) fell the day before Leif Erikson Day (today) this year, so there are back to back "explorer days" to celebrate …or not. Because Vikings are a little further removed from our historical record than Columbus, they tend to be viewed through a rosier lens, though historically they were also marauders. They raped and pillaged, killed and conquered with the best (or worse) of them. This is why I stated yesterday, that I wasn't saying that Columbus was EVIL. He might have been in his heart. I don't know. Did he perpetrate atrocities? Almost certainly. But he also lived in an age where such acts were the norm. It doesn't make it right, of course. But History is about understanding the big picture.

This is also why it's funny that Vikings are so romanticized. I'm guilty of doing this myself. I love Viking mythology. I relate to the berserker ethos (as we mythologize it in modern culture). But would I have wanted to encounter an actual Viking had I lived in A.D. 1000? No freaking way!

That said, Happy Leif Erikson Day! Or Fuck Leif Erikson and the ship he sailed over on, if that's your take. As a student of History, I can see both sides. I'm not particular about "holidays after a person" in general. As humans, none of us are perfect and when we elevate a person to a pedestal, there is bound to be a moment of disenfranchisement when the elevated personage is wrought human once more. If you want to celebrate a nation, a school or food, I'm down. But when you seek to raise a single person above others, there's bound to be discord. No matter how great the man, he still has human foibles somewhere. Humans err.


08 October 2018

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay with a Side Note on That Explorer Fella....

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

I know that at the federal government level, today is still recognized as Columbus Day, which I always thought was an odd holiday even as a child. I'm not saying that Columbus was evil. He might well have been an EVIL person, but contemporaneous reports are sketchy. Columbus was a, perhaps exemplary, product of his times. However, when your major "accomplishment" is to sail to an (inhabited) New World and introduce disease, pestilence and decimation to its inhabitants then you're not exactly a welcome guest (in fact, you were uninvited), and I'm not convinced you should be lauded for this. And yes, I'm purposefully over simplifying. History is often complicated, this is what makes it a fascinating read, but living through it is a different story.

Anyhow, regardless of what (or which) you choose to celebrate, as long as it's not harmful to others, I bid you a good day. I'm off to walk the pup. Then coffee. Then more work.

07 October 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload This Week: Rice

Up Later This Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Uncle Ben's® Ready Rice (8.5-8.8 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on October 12. Redeem by Sunday, October 28. Available in most stores.

Cheers! October 19th is #ChampagneDay!

As you know there are great sparkling wines from around the world, but Champagne only comes from Champagne, France. The 9th annual Champagne Day celebration is on October 19, 2018. On this day, join the Comité Champagne and all lovers of this one-of-a-kind sparkling wine to celebrate.

Invite friends over to party with you or find a local public event. Visit Champagne Day 2018 to discover more information, plan your own event or locate an event near you. Don't forget to share your photos and videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and include the #ChampagneDay hashtag. Get ready to toast the Fall! Bubbles up.

06 October 2018

Pledge to Conserve #H20 & Change the Course

I found out about a neat non-profit yesterday, called Change the Course.

For every personal pledge to conserve water (it's free) made via its platform, Change the Course returns 1,000 gallons of water to an ecosystem in need. (Corporate partners underwrite the restoration projects.) Making a pledge only takes a minute or two and you can have an impact on the environment around you. Be a good steward. Go ahead, help Change the Course.

05 October 2018

October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month!

October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month! Do you like popcorn? It's a favorite food over here at Castle Modern, can practically be considered a household staple. I especially love "real theater style" popcorn that you pop in a bit of oil, though I will eat microwaveable popcorn if nothing else is on offer. Popcorn always makes me think of movies and fairgrounds --- and you know how I feel about fairs, carnivals, vaudeville and the circus! Perfect Fall weather activities.

I've decided I do like the idea of these various National Days and Months (themes) as they bring attention to all the great (food & farming) industries in our country. At first, I was like how do you keep up with it all, but now I'm like it's a fun way to get a theme for the day whether this inspires your lunch ideas or simply makes you pause and consider your food. 

I've got a case of popcorn kernels and some sunflower oil ready to do some popping at a moments notice all month long. How do you like your popcorn done up? Sometimes I like savory, sometimes I like sweet. Depends on how the wind is blowing. Get your popcorn on! Things are popping.

04 October 2018

Fair Trade USA Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

I believe in meritocracy. I always hold out hope that credit is given where it is due. I love fair trade! In fact, I like any certification or standard that helps to insure equitably and/or sustainably-sourced good food reaches my table. I'm big on stuff like that. Thus, I'm a fan of Fair Trade USA.

Join me in wishing the organization a Happy Birthday!

Watch the Fair Trade USA history unfold in a new 4-minute video.

03 October 2018

Download @Kroger #OptUp App & Trigger A #Donation To @AmericanCancer!

Got this notice in an email from Kroger yesterday. I don't know much about the app (though now that I've downloaded it for this cause, I'll give it a whirl). Here's the chance to support the American Cancer Society, a cause dear to my heart as both my parents died of cancer.

Check the deets below: Click to Visit App Info Page For Download!

*Promotion is limited by donation amount. Get in on it, if you would.

02 October 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload This Week: Tuna? #Seafood

Up Later This Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch (2.5 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on October 05. Redeem by Sunday, October 21. Available in most stores.

01 October 2018

Heads Up! #FYI: @Walgreens Balance Rewards Program Change #Sad

A Big Change is Coming to Walgreens Balance Rewards program: Starting November 4th, you will only be able to redeem a maximum of $5.00 worth of points (5,000) per transaction. That's it! The other rewards tiers will apparently disappear. No point in saving up your rewards any longer for the previously points discounted higher tiers. If you have a lot of points saved up, you might wish to use them now when you can still get the benefit of the discounted points tiers.

30 September 2018

My Fun Shopping Deals Saturday Edition! #Coupons #MoneyMaker #NationalCoffeeDay

Was out a bit this weekend running errands & doing it up for National Coffee Day. I'd noticed that the Kroger Free Friday Download (FFD) item was a free YQ by Yoplait Yogurt with ultra-filtered milk (the new dairy buzz trend).

Picked up a Mango one yesterday, currently on sale for $1.34 at Kroger (MSRP $1.49), but of course it was free with my FFD ecoupon. Then I submitted the receipt to Savingstar to redeem a previously activated offer for $0.30 back on the purchase of one YQ by Yoplait Yogurt that was set to expire today.

My cashback rebate (or post-purchase coupon) has already posted to my Savingstar account, which means I not only got a free cup of yogurt, but also got paid 30-cents to eat it.

It's always fun when deals coincide like this and you can be paid to shop!

29 September 2018

New eBay $5.00 Coupon Code Expires Today! Got Fun Freebies! YMMV

A new eBay coupon code [PERKMEUP] was released the other day. It's good for $5.00 OFF almost any order and was apparently intended for accounts that have not placed an order in more than 12 months --- I didn't see the small print myself, I only saw the coupon code on the eBay front page. But the code seems to be working for nearly everyone, so whether it was programmed into the system incorrectly or eBay simply decided to allow it to function as first come, fist served I cannot say. YMMV. Code is scheduled to expire at the end of the day.
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (Original Flavors)
As finding this coupon was a totally unexpected boon, I just grabbed a couple of cheap items which totaled $5.45 and thus, were free for me as I have a random eBay GC with a few odd cents left on it that I use to cover coupon overages, tax and such and this GC had enough to cover the 45-cents left post coupon application.

What did I get? Well, I picked up a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candy and a tiny pair of swim goggles for 18" Dolls. Both items included free shipping. This was a fun get!
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
18" Dolls Swim Goggles
Did you try the coupon? Did it work?

27 September 2018

Fun Deals From Last Week's Shopping @Kroger

During last week's grocery sales (most of which ended Tuesday), I was able to score a moneymaker on quick pasta and also some cheap candy!

First, Kroger had Barilla Ready Made Pasta Pouch (microwavable, ready in 60 seconds) on sale for $1.79. There was a $1.00 digital manufacturer's coupon available to load, so after coupon, one pouch cost a mere $0.79 (plus tax). But there was also, a Savingstar coupon/rebate for $1.00, which gives your money back (eventually, when you cashout) plus overage. Nice! Personally, I seldom eat pasta as I greatly prefer rice, but a moneymaker is difficult to resist. (Besides, I have family members who love pasta.)

Also, on sale at Kroger last week were M&M's and Snickers Bars (singles) for $0.50/ea. There was a Save $0.50/2 Snickers Bar Singles digital manufacturer's coupon and an M&M's digital manufacturer's BOGO coupon (Buy One M&M's Singles, Get One Malteser's Candy Singles Free). Thus, I was able to get a pack of M&M's Peanut, a pack of Malteser's Candy and two Snickers Bars for $1.00 (plus tax) total. You don't often find $0.25 candy bars any longer. So this was a sweet (pun intended) score!

These were my best deals last week. Still plotting this week's deals and will probably go out on the weekend due to the various deals available for National Coffee Day on Saturday. What have you found lately? Any good deals?

Happy hunting! -- Ed.

25 September 2018

#TriedIt: Redwood Hill Farm Blueberry Goat Milk Yogurt! #GotItFree

I happened upon a free product coupon for Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt, 6oz cup, up to $3.20 about a month ago and printed it out. I put it in my "offers to redeem" envelope so I could get one to try, if I found the product in a store. Over the weekend, my sister located it at an area Sprouts and got a Blueberry flavored one for me. (I always mention products for which I'm keeping an eye out to my sisters as they still go out to stores regularly. I will often just hand them coupons and say, "if you see this, grab one" ---sometimes for me, sometimes for themselves.) The product was $2.19 at Sprouts.

I haven't eaten many goat's milk products. After I discovered as a child that I don't like feta (which seems to be a main way that most Americans first encounter goat's milk) and the few other goat's milk derived products I've tried over the years, I shied away from it. The products have been a bit more tangy than my palette likes. But this yogurt was good. It was mild, creamy and smooth, with a good consistency and real blueberries. I would buy the product, again here and there, but I still prefer cow's milk products. Just my personal preference. However, this product made me realize that I don't have a particular issue with goat's milk itself, merely the method it's usually prepared.

Perhaps, it's sheep's milk with which I have issue... Hmmm.

Saturday is #NationalCoffeeDay: Get Free Coffee & A Doughnut at Krispy Kreme!

National Coffee Day is on Saturday, 29/September. Several eateries are doing promotions (some entirely free, others requiring a purchase). One of the nicer ones is at Krispy Kreme. You can get both a free (drip) coffee (any size) and a single doughnut for free at participating locations. This offer is intended for members of the Rewards program (it's free to join). Limit one free brewed coffee and doughnut per Rewards member.

This is one of my favorite National Days, because I LOVE coffee!

Random Story: The first time I ever got "drunk" in college was from imbibing too much coffee. Some friends and I threw a "coffee tasting party" where we bought all these different types of coffee and served demitasse samples in the little cups made for this purpose. Because each sample was small, we didn't account for how much caffeine that we were actually ingesting. By the end of the party, which went on for hours and hours, we were practically bouncing off the walls because we were all so hyper. People kept dropping by to visit us and asking if we were "on drugs or something" because they'd never witnessed us being so goofy. We kept insisting that the only thing we'd had was coffee, but no-one believed us. It was pretty funny. (Because I have a very high alcohol tolerance, I didn't get drunk off of alcohol. I'd be scared to think of the amount that I would need to ingest for this to occur. In college, I used to outdrink my football player buddies, who were bigger/burlier, without ill affect. This upset these guys to no end.)

23 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Yogurt With Ultra-Filtered Milk! #NewProduct

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE YQ by Yoplait Yogurt with Ultra-Filtered Milk (5.3 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 28. Redeem by Sunday, October 14. Available in most stores.

22 September 2018

Trident Vibes #Gum 40ct Bottle #GotItFree @Kroger

Roughly 10 days ago, I got a sample of new Trident Vibes Ooh La Lemon Flavor Gum in the mail via a Sampler app promotional offering. The sampler mailing that I received consisted of a single piece of gum in a little packet along with a manufacturer's coupon to Save $1.00 of a 40ct Bottle of Any Flavor Trident Vibes Gum. I thought the lemon gum was decent, but as with most gum, the flavor doesn't last long enough for me. Still I made a mental note to try other flavors if I got a chance and I filed the coupon in my savings Rolodex noting its expiration date.
Image Copyright (c) 2018 Castle Modern
Trident Vibes Lemon, 1pc Sample
About 5 days ago, I caught a Kroger promotions announcement that listed "Trident Vibes Gum, 40ct Bottle" on sale for 99-cents with (store) coupon good Fri/Sat only. I instantly recalled the coupon I'd filed away a few days before, pulled it out and put it in my current deals envelope.

Yesterday (Friday), my errand girl (my sister who was on the way to Kroger anyhow) was able to redeem said coupon for a FREE 40ct Bottle of Trident Vibes Gum Spearmint Flavor. Actually, this turned out to be a moneymaker deal as there was a penny overage that went toward my remaining purchase balance ---the coupon automatically deducted $1.00, but the gum was only 99-cents on sale!
Image Copyright (c) 2018 Castle Modern
Trident Vibes Spearmint, 40ct Bottle
I love it when sampling opportunities, sales and coupons converge like this to make for a super saver deal. Now, I'll get a proper tasting of the Spearmint flavor. Thanks to Kroger, Trident and the Sampler app for the free gum!

By the way, I like the Spearmint flavor better than the Lemon one. It's good and minty with a splash of an alternative sweet center. I'd buy it again.

16 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Hormel® Meal!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Hormel® Compleats (7.5-10 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 21. Redeem by Sunday, October 07. Available in most stores.

15 September 2018

I'm Batman. And It's My Day! #BatmanDay @DCComics

Celebrate Batman Day Today!

I love bats. (You should too.) Being a techie gadget geek, I can well relate to Batman, though I had a closer personal affinity toward Catwoman as a little girl (I've been described as feline; however, this was in reference to a lioness, not a house cat). Anyway, I grew up watching Batman --- the Adam West version --- reruns on the telly. So I'm quite happy that today is Batman Day.

I'll probably watch (most of) Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray at some point or perhaps, go full retro and catch some live TV reruns to really bring my childhood memories back --- by the way, I LOVE that there are so many OTA retro TV Channels broadcasting. Seems like a new one pops up daily.

What are your plans? Depending on your location, there may be events or giveaways at comic book and/or video game stores in your area. To check all the celebratory activities visit DC Comics Batman Day Hub which links to an events search.

See you later. Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

14 September 2018

Sunday Get A #Coupon For #Free Guac @eatwholly! Wholly Guacamole! #NationalGuacamoleDay

Yummy! Here's a cool promotion: In honor of National Guacamole Day on Sunday, Wholly Guacamole® is giving folks a chance to score some free guac! Visit www.eatwholly.com anytime September 16, enter your details, and get a coupon for a free guac of your choice, courtesy of the makers of the Wholly Guacamole® brand. *Maximum Value $5.99.

11 September 2018

Want To Color Your Hair? Try #VR First @LOrealParisUSA Next Week Perhaps #AR Too!

I like it when companies use tech creatively to their benefit and in turn to the benefit of customers. For instance, I received an email today from L'Oreal Paris USA touting a new Virtual Reality (VR) tool that allows you to virtually try on different hair shades to see what you like and what you will look like before you dye. (You take a selfie and then apply filters matching shade colors to the image.)

While I wasn't planning to dye my hair anytime soon, I still paused to check out the creative use of tech and to appreciate that a company was working to use tech tools to its advantage. If Virtual Reality (or Augmented Reality) allows me to try on clothes, dye my hair, tour locations around the world, etc. all from the comfort of my own home then this is a win for me, especially because I'm a homebody.

There are few things which require my physical presence, in my opinion. I much prefer sending my telepresence wherever possible. Luckily for me, this is also the direction in which many routine chores, tasks and services are also moving. I hate being photographed, but for a service that saves me trouble and hassle I'd consider the trade-off (providing there are appropriate privacy/usage/copyright controls, of course).

Check the L'Oreal VR tool: Take a Selfie With Our Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool! (Click "Try It On" on the hair color product image.)

L'Oreal is also developing Augmented Reality (AR) tools in partnership with Facebook. See the news release: https://www.loreal.com/media/news/2018/august/modiface.

08 September 2018

Free Dave's Single w/ Any Purchase @Wendys! #App #Promotions #Burgers #Frosty

Like Wendy's burgers? For a limited-time, you can get a Free Dave's Single Burger with any purchase at participating Wendy's restaurants using the Wendy's app. Download and install the app, if you don't already have it. Then simply login ---or create an account, confirm your email address and then login. An ad for the promotion should be visible on the app front page, and the promotional code itself can be found under the offers tab (top of the screen).

The promotional coupon code renews daily for an (unspecified) limited time. Get a free burger with any purchase every day until it ends! Promo codes are one-time use, so don't activate (click the offer) until you're in the restaurant and ready to order. 

As many Wendy's also have a 50-cents small Frosty promotion ongoing, why not buy a small Frosty and get a free burger? How can you lose with a 50-cents (plus tax) meal these days? (I don't eat meat and recognize this is a cool deal for those who like Wendy's burgers.) Enjoy!

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Performance Bar!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE EPIC Performance Bar (1.24-1.9 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 14. Redeem by Sunday, September 30. Available in most stores.

Get A Free Pint of #HaloTop On 22/Sep! #AutumnalEquinox Promo

Halo Top Creamery is planning to offer a printable coupon on 22-September which is this year's Autumnal Equinox or First Day of Fall for a free pint of any flavor. Though they hope you try the Pumpkin Pie. The coupon must be printed and redeemed on this date only.

If you've been itching to try one of these alternative ice creams, here's your chance.

Bookmark this! And then come back on the 22nd to get a free pint (coupon). More details in the (screenshot) image below.
Screenshot Image Copyright Castle Modern
Halo Top Promotion Details

03 September 2018

Get A #Free #Reusable Carbonating Bottle: Take The #SodaStreamPledge To Fight Pollution!

Image (Screenshot) Copyright Sodastream
Be the Change Bottle
Sodastream and the Oceanic Society have partnered to help cut back on plastics polluting our oceans by asking people to forgo single use water bottles in favor of reusable ones.

Visit SodaStreamPledge.com. Take the pledge and receive a free limited-edition Be the Change reusable carbonating bottle (first 10,000).

Although the bottle is designed to work with a Sodastream machine, it's merely a fairly basic reusable water bottle.

Free Chicken Nuggets! #ChikFilA #App

Chicken Nuggets (Image Copyright Chik-Fil-A)
Chik-Fil-A® Chicken Nuggets
Download and install the Chick-Fil-A® app, if you don't already have it. Open the app and register for an account or login to your account. Go to the Rewards screen and claim a reward good for a FREE 8-count chicken nuggets! The reward expires 29-September once claimed and is available to activate (claim) while supplies last.

01 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Yogurt!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Kids Pouch (3.5 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 7. Redeem by Sunday, September 23. Available in most stores.

31 August 2018

Cool "Books" Table & Chairs Set: Check This Out! #Wayfair

Yesterday, as I was browsing online searching for something, I noticed a Wayfair ad featuring an interesting set of furniture, a table and two chairs designed to look like stacks of antiquarian books. Books were my first passion, so I tend to notice bookish things. I thought it was an interesting design concept. What do you think? I could see this working well in a home library or sitting room, depending upon personal tastes and color scheme, of course.
Bookish Furniture (Wayfair Online Ad)

30 August 2018

Get 30% Off + Free Shipping (No Minimum Order) Shop the CVS.com Labor Day Sale! @cvspharmacy

I love it when CVS (or any online store for that matter) offers free shipping on any order! Because I'm an online shopper, almost exclusively, promotions like this help my bottom line (budget) and my schedule (convenience of getting items delivered versus making a trip to the store).

Save 30% Off most items on cvs.com and as an added bonus get Free Shipping (No Minimum Order requirement) when using online promo code: 30FREESHIP [expires 11:59p ET on 01-Sep-18]. This is my kind of Labor Day Sale!

27 August 2018

Bought @NostalgiaElctrx @Keurig @Jolly_Rancher: @Kohls #SweepstakesPrize + #Rewards Haul! #GotItFree!

I've been entering a Kohls Twitter Contest* periodically (under a personal account) whenever I happened to be on Twitter and remember to send an entry tweet. The prize is $50.00 KohlsCash (valid for 30 days from activation). Roughly a week ago, my Twitter username was drawn as a potential winner. After I emailed the sweepstakes admin my contact information and confirmed my eligibility, I received my $50.00 KohlsCash code the next day. I also happened to have a $5.00 KohlsCash Reward (valid for 30 days from date earned) from earning the requisite Kohls Yes2You Rewards points to trigger a conversion. As a result, I ended up with a total of $55.00 in rewards money to spend within a limited time frame.
Image Copyright Kohls
Jolly Rancher Sour Bites 8-oz. Package
Across the board regardless of the rewards program in question, I prefer to use any rewards that I earn to get items for free (as opposed to merely buying something at a discount). This way any rewards that I earn actually make me feel like I've been rewarded, because I got free stuff! For instance, if I have $55.00 in rewards available, I will try to find things that I want or need which cost less than or equal to this amount, so that I can order the item/s for free (or as close to free as possible).
Image Copyright Kohls
Keurig® Brewer Maintenance Kit
With this in mind, I went shopping online at Kohls.com over the weekend and scored some fun and useful items: a Nostalgia Electrics Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer (MSRP $49.99), a Keurig® Brewer Maintenance Kit (MSRP $29.99) and a Jolly Rancher Sour Bites 8-oz. Package (MSRP $4.99) --- only the Jolly Rancher was purchased at its regular price, the other two items were on sale. The total for all three items came out to $54.97, which I paid for with my $55.00 KohlsCash. (A notice on my e-receipt stated that I'd saved $84.97 total.) Free stuff FTW!
Image Copyright Kohls
Nostalgia Electrics Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer
I'm hoping the Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer works well. (The product had great reviews on the Kohls site.) I've been searching for a convenient method to cook my veggie dogs to perfection and achieve that real Carnival feel. I own quite a few (at least 15) Nostalgia Electrics appliances and most of them have been well worth the money (that I didn't pay for them, as I netted them all free via rewards programs). I adore Nostalgia Electrics because the company specializes in retro design small appliances. I'm a gadget geek and I love a Carnival/Fair/Circus/Vaudeville motif ---which often plays into this retro vibe.

I'm planning to test cook some veggie dogs this weekend!

*In case you've been under a rock lately: Kohls has been conducting a Twitter Contest (running M-F for about four weeks) in celebration of its Back-to-School Sales. To participate, follow Kohls on Twitter, reply to any Kohls contest notice tweet by saying what you would use the $50.00 KohlsCash prize to buy, if you were to win and append the contest hashtag #KohlsCashSweepstakes. Obviously, one can pretty much say whatever he wants. Entries do not carry over, so you must create a new entry tweet each weekday (24 hour period). Contest ends 29/Aug, so there's still a few days to enter. Good Luck!

25 August 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: A Snack Product

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Peatos Snack Bag (1 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm on August 31. Redeem by Sunday, September 16. Available in most stores.

24 August 2018

Have A Dog? Free 1lbs Dog Treats @PetCo! #palsrewards #Coupon

Petco palsrewards members can get a Free Pound of Dog Treats from the Treat Bar in-store, while supplies last. Can redeem coupon (located near bottom of page) via mobile or print out. Expires 8/31.

Petco Free Dog Treats Coupon

Starbucks #HappyHour BOGO Frappucino: White Chocolate? WTF?

Yesterday, after 3:00p, was Starbucks Happy Hour, a weekly Summertime promotion where a promoted beverage (type) will be featured at half-price or BOGO. One of my sister's went by and ended up bringing me a White Chocolate Frappuccino as yesterdays promotion was BOGO and I'd treated her to a free food reward last week.
Have you been playing the Starbucks Summer Game? I won enough stars (125) so far to earn a bonus Free Drink or Food Reward. Promotion ends 10/Sep and there's an alternate method of entry (AMOE) form.
This was my first time trying the White Chocolate version. (Hers, too.) The Mocha Frapp is my go-to frosted handcrafted drink at Starbucks. I did not like the White Chocolate Frappuccino. Neither did my sister. 

Weak flavor. Bland. Not saved by the whipped cream. Would NOT give the Mocha Frapp a run for my money. Would not buy, again (having been given one). Disappointed.

At least I didn't pay for it... I told my sister that the next time she's feeling adventurous and wants to try something new at Starbucks to please leave me out of it. Bring me a Mocha Frappuccino! Anyone?

23 August 2018

Have An Indoor Cat? Free 30lbs Cat Litter @PetCo! #palsrewards #Coupon

Petco palsrewards members can get a Free 30 lb. Bucket of So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Cat Litter in-store, while supplies last. Can redeem coupon (located near bottom of page) via mobile or print out. Expires 8/31.

So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Cat Litter Coupon

22 August 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload This Week - Gum

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Mentos Gum Velcro Wallet Pack (12-piece, select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm on August 24. Redeem by Sunday, September 9. Available in most stores.

21 August 2018

Earn A $2.00 #iTunes Gift Card! #CokeRewards Offer

Coke Rewards put up a new offer yesterday-ish. You have the chance to earn a $2.00 iTunes Gift Card merely by entering four product codes. This offer is NOT available in the Coke app, you must check the Coke Rewards website to discover if you've been given the offer.

The offer details are quoted below:
Be one of the first 25,000 to enter any four product codes and you’ll receive a $2 iTunes gift card. You'll also be entered for the chance to win a $500 iTunes gift card and $200 Bluetooth® headphones.

Ends 11/9/18. Limit one offer per person. You must be invited and signed in to view the promotion. See T&Cs for all details.

If 25,000 users enter 4 codes each, the $2 iTunes gift cards will be awarded at the end of the promotion. Keep entering codes and check the progress below. We'll notify you to claim your gift card once unlocked.
Visit Coke Rewards website: us.coca-cola.com/offers.

NOTICE: This is a re-post from the Small Screen Space, part of the Castle Modern Network (family of brands).

17 August 2018

Two Interesting #CokeRewards Promos: #Free #Cinemark Movie Ticket + #Free World of Coca-Cola Ticket

Ever since Coke revamped its rewards program, the pickings have been slim. The "prizes" are mostly awarded via sweepstakes. Occasionally, an actual reward (input X codes, get this...) will popup. I keep an eye out for these. The chance to win a prize can be nice, but it's only a chance versus a guaranteed exchange. I prefer a bird in the hand.

Both of these promotions may require you to download and install the new Coke Rewards app, which is named simply Coca-Cola, if you haven't already. (Some rewards opportunities appear in the app only.) I was a beta-tester for the new Coke Rewards app and never really ventured back to the site. So I haven't visited the Coke web site to check whether these also appear there.

If you're unfamiliar with Coke Rewards, basically most Coke products have codes or icons on them. You save the codes and input them to enter sweepstakes or sometimes to get select rewards directly. (Sip & Scan icons work on the same premise and mainly function as an alternative to code entry.)

If you like movies or museums/attractions, then you may like these currently available rewards.

Reward 1: Scan or input 15 product codes and you'll unlock a General Admission Adult Ticket to the World of Coca-Cola. This promotion expires 09-Oct-18. The e-ticket itself expires 31-Dec-2018. You can complete this offer once.

Reward 2: Scan or input one code (or icon) and receive a Free Cinemark Movie Club One-Month Trial Membership, a movie watching subscription service (similar to MoviePass or AMC Stubs A-List). The trial includes One Free Movie Ticket, concessions discounts and more. A Credit Card is required to sign-up for this Cinemark Movie Club trial. The membership will automatically renew, if not canceled. This promotion expires 24-Sep-2018. Limit one per account.

What are you waiting for, get thee to the app store!

16 August 2018

Hot! $5.00 eBay #Coupon (Any Purchase) --- Go Quickly!

I was doing an online crossword puzzle earlier and happened to notice an ad at the top of the screen. (Most of the time I am oblivious to web ads.) This one caught my attention because it was for eBay. I like to use eBay to find things for my hobbies; it's like going thrifting or to a yard sale without the "going out" part. For me that's a win.

So I actually paused my crossword to jot the coupon code down. The ad said to click for details, but I didn't bother figuring the code would either work or wouldn't. After finishing the crossword, I surfed over to eBay to test the coupon and it worked. (I tried it on food and toys so it seems to be valid on any purchase.) When I added the coupon a popup on my shopping cart read, "Make certain to use your coupon before it expires on the 24th."

So what are you going to buy?

eBay Coupon: MYFUNFIVE
Expires 24-Aug-2018

DISCLAIMER: Promotions of this sort never last long and may not work for everyone. The expiration date may change per user. YMMV

15 August 2018

Hot! Print A #Coupon: Try Any #VeggieGos Product #Free Get New #WildMadeSnacks

Free Veggie-Gos Product Offer (Print Coupon)

Just got an email newsletter from Veggie-Gos brand introducing its new WildMade Snacks and at the bottom was an offer to try a Free Product when you visit the new site and click for a printable coupon (at the bottom of any site page). Requires email address, but you get a  Free Veggie-Gos Product Coupon good for 30 days!

Well go get one: wildmadesnacks.com. (It goes without saying that this is a limited-time offer.)

#New #Lipton #IcedTea Tropical Flavor #ProductReview: #Juice #Stevia #NationalIcedTeaDay

Back on National Iced Tea Day, Lipton ran a promotion giving away coupons for a Free 20oz Lipton Iced Tea (single serve). I visited the giveaway site, filled out the form and several weeks later received said coupon in the mail. My sister redeemed the coupon on my behalf as she was heading to the store. (It's nice to have siblings who actually LIKE going out shopping in Brick & Mortar retail stores --- since I don't --- and who live relatively close by.) I'd asked her to grab whatever looked interesting and she delivered a New Lipton Iced Tea Tropical Flavor with Other Natural Flavors with a Splash of Juice.

Product: Lipton Iced Tea Tropical Flavor, with Other Natural Flavors, with a Splash of Juice, 20oz bottle.

You'd think with this mouthful of a label name that it would taste amazing, but you'd be wrong. It was merely OK. Like most things sweetened with stevia it had a noticeable aftertaste.
"I can eat stevia plant leaves just fine. In fact, my first taste of stevia was actually fresh picked out of a friend's garden. But sadly, no-one has figured out how to process stevia commercially without the resulting product having a bitter aftertaste. And yes, I've tried the products that say "no stevia aftertaste." It's still there, perhaps fainter than in other products, but noticeable to my taste-buds."
Anywho, back to the product trial: For all the flavors and splash of juice, it was a rather weak tea. I could taste the flavor of the tea itself distinctively, as if it was fresh brewed, so that's a point in its favor. As Lipton is well regarded tea brand, I'd expect no less. I wouldn't seek to purchase this again --- not my cup bottle of tea! I'm a Southerner and a Sweet Tea enthusiast (this means real sugar, hon). I don't expect this particular product to go over well in the deep South, but we cotton to Lipton well enough, as a brand.

14 August 2018

#New #Ensure Max Protein Shake Review Less #Sugar

Trial and Error
Product Tried: Ensure Max Protein Shake Single. 11 FL oz. 

This was a Kroger Free Friday Download a couple weeks back. I couldn't drink it. I dislike wasting food but I threw this out. Tasted like watery paste. (I believe I must've eaten non-toxic paste at least once as a small child as I have such a strong and horrible taste association with it.) I feel sorry for any people who need to drink such beverages to help balance their blood sugar and such. It was horrible. Would NEVER buy it for myself. Yikes! Thank goodness it was a freebie item. This product is a prime example of why it's always nice to be able to "Try Before You Buy" (with your own money). This ain't no milkshake.

12 August 2018

#AmazonEcho Fun: Avenger's #InfinityWar Trivia Game #AlexaSkills

Marvel Studios: Avengers Tweet (Screenshot)
Do you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device? Or at least have an Alexa-enabled Amazon app on your smartphone/s? Alexa is so darn ubiquitous, which was rather Amazon's point in order to gain access to more consumer data, that I'm betting you do. I mean, I have an Amazon Echo (1st Gen), an Amazon Fire Tablet (originally called Kindle Fire, 3rd Gen) and various Alexa-enabled apps installed on several smartphones --- and this is all without actually trying --- merely because I've been an Amazon customer for better than a decade and I also happen to be a natural born geek.

So do you use your Alexa-enabled whatever to play games? There are some fun Alexa Skills out there. (There are quite a few useful ones, also.) I noticed a tweet from Marvel Studios this morning about a new Avenger's Infinity War Trivia Game (Alexa Skill). I haven't played it yet, but it might be fun. I like Marvel. I read the comics, watch the movies and play the games (each at varying levels).

ASIDE: Apparently, today is also Thor's (Chris Hemsworth's) birthday as I saw a tweet to this effect while scrolling through my feed this morning. I do enjoy his portrayal of the character in the Marvel movies (MCU). I've always had a soft spot for Thor, as a both a Viking and a Mythology devotee (since childhood). Happy Birthday to him!

Have you found any must-have Alexa Skills? Di mi, cara. Do Tell.

Well, the pup is stomping her paw ready to go out for second walk. Adieu!

11 August 2018

#FYI The Next #FreeFridayDownload @Kroger = #ZonePerfect Bar

Free Friday Download: Coming up on August 17th only, you can load a digital coupon for a Free ZonePerfect Bar Single (FPO size, select varieties) at Kroger Family stores. Redeem by Sunday, September 2.

10 August 2018

Sierra Mist Is Back, Now With Real #Sugar #Soda #Beverages #PepsiCo @Kroger

A few days ago, I received an email from Kroger announcing that Sierra Mist (a PepsiCo brand Lemon-Lime soda) was making a return to store shelves and that the soda was now made with real sugar. To thank me for being a "Best Customer" the email also included a link to a digital coupon for a Free 2L of the reformulated soda so that I could try it for myself. Looks like I'll be sipping on Sierra Mist this weekend. Thanks, Kroger and PepsiCo!
NEW Sierra Mist with Real Sugar
I've noticed that a lot of beverage companies are (re)introducing "pure cane sugar" or real sugar versions of their sodas in a bid to capitalize on the current consumer market trend of preferring "natural" products (or at least products with more natural ingredients rather than additives or preservatives). Here's a callout from the email:

"Customers asked for it, and now it’s back! Experience Sierra Mist,® made with real sugar. The light, crisp taste of lemon lime, plus the sweetness from real sugar is a perfect way to invigorate your day. We hope this special offer helps you enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste!"

NOTE: Have you given up soda? It's true that soda is generally unhealthy (compared to some other beverage choices), but so is living. I look at it this way: We are mortal beings and all will die eventually. The "Sweet Spot" is in how you live. I enjoy soda. I drink it. I drink other beverages, too. Moderation is key. I don't "diet" or deny myself any food that I desire. (I don't crave meat, so being vegetarian was a natural progression for me, not specifically an exception. It also synced with my youthful environmental awareness.) I'm a realist. I simply hope to make sound choices (in all things), but being Human don't always succeed. I keep trying.

07 August 2018

Lookout For Coke's New Iconic State Flavors #Beverages #Soda

Coke State Flavors
Some time ago, I received an email from the Coca-Cola Company touting its new Coke variations, based upon iconic State flavors. There were like 4 flavors in the first batch which were mentioned in the email, but of course, the only two I recall are Georgia Peach and California Raspberry, my dual home states. I have yet to see any of them in-store, but then again, I seldom go out to shop Brick & Mortar any longer. I'm almost exclusively an online shopper.

A friend recently spotted some of these sodas in the wild -- quaintly, he still shops in physical stores -- and was kind enough to text me a shelfie of Georgia and California side by side. I'm curious to try them. Apparently they contain natural fruit flavors and pure cane sugar like "Mexican" Coke.

What other flavors should Coke include in the line? Have you tried any of the flavors already available? What did you think?

05 August 2018

VUDU Sale, Score! #VideoDownloads #BritishHumor #PBS

Come Fly With Me SE01
VUDU is having a MASSIVE sale and folks on a movie forum that I frequent have been discussing the best deals to be had. Someone there mentioned that the full First (and only) Season (6 episodes) of a show called Come Fly With Me was on sale for $3.99 and then said he'd recommend the show to anyone who likes British humor. The person ended by saying the show was done by the same guys who did Little Britain. In response, several others on the forum posted to say that it was quite a good show and getting the entire season at this price was a great deal.

I hadn't heard of Come Fly With Me, but I knew Little Britain because a friend of mine had recommended it years ago. (This friend knows that I grew up watching old British television serials rerun on PBS, so dry British humor is actually my default.) Luckily, VUDU had recently given me a $3.00 gift credit to thank me for being a good customer and I'd also won a "20% Off Your Next Purchase" code in a partner sponsored contest. I decided to purchase the show as a blind buy.

Score! I was able to stack the two discounts and buy the full First Season for ONLY $0.19! I'll probably download Come Fly With Me and check out the show over the next week or so, time permitting. I figure how could I go wrong at 19-cents.... Thanks, VUDU!

03 August 2018

Help Spark A Movement #BiteBackHunger #FoodNews #Philanthropy #SmallBatch #MightySparkFood

Mighty Spark Food Co. sticker
Recently Publix featured several ecoupons for at least three free Mighty Spark Food Co. products. This new company began as a "farmers market food booth" specializing in hand-crafted "small batch" meat products. While I don't eat meat, both my dog (a prey-focused hound and natural hunter) and members of my extended family do. Thus, I sometimes purchase meat. I loaded the Mighty Spark Food Co. ecoupons that I saw onto my Publix account and redeemed them for the freebie items. I gave the meat to a carnivorous sibling who it turn brought back to me the company's logo sticker which was included inside the carton. (I like stickers.) By the way, my sister gave the products a good review when I asked what she thought, as did our other sister's husband. (I'd informed our other sister about the freebie ecoupons so that she could load them for her own household.)

I had not heard of Mighty Spark Food Co. prior to this Publix digital coupon promotion. I'd searched for and visited their website after I noticed the ecoupons in order to check their product list. But after receiving the sticker which had a message to "Become a Mighty Spark" printed on its peel-away paper backing, I returned to the website to read about the company's philanthropic efforts working to #bitebackhunger: "For every Mighty Spark item purchased, the company donates a meal to those in need." Mighty Spark also helps sponsor community events that feed those in need --- all causes behind which I can certainly rally! I subscribed to the company's newsletter to find out about potential volunteer opportunities.

I may not personally consume their products, but I actively support organizations that work to better this world. If you're curious to know more and want to become a "Mighty Spark" opt-in at mightysparkfood.com. (Of interest to carnivores... the back of the sticker also mentioned a possibility of receiving freebies in addition to the newsletter.)

Choose to do good. It is a choice.

02 August 2018

#Starbucks #DarkRoast #KCups #TastingFlight #FrenchRoast #Sumatra #CafeVerona #Coffee #Beverages

Some time ago, I received a "Tasting Flight" (free sampler) of Starbucks Dark Roast Coffees K-Cups. I enjoyed them at the time, but never wrote a review of the product, so I'm rectifying this now.

If you like Dark Roast Coffee, you will probably like the coffees in this sampler: Cafe Verona, French Roast and Sumatra. I did. I love coffee, period. I will have a cup of almost any coffee, but I go back to the good stuff time and again. This sampler was good, all the varieties included were solid. Dark Roasts are too "strong" for some people, but I prefer a robust cup of coffee. 

Starbucks says the French Roast is its most robust --- and the coffee is bright & sharp just as I like it! Now, this is a good cup of coffee (prepared with a bit of sugar and a splash of milk, over ice because it's Summer). I could drink this all day. The other two varieties were good also, even if neither left a specific impression beyond "an enjoyable cup of coffee." Because this is sort of the point, right?

I would buy any of them again, though because I'm moving away from purchasing prepackaged K-Cups, I'd likely choose to buy the whole bean or ground version in a bag. I love single-serve K-Cup convenience, but don't like the fact that most prepackaged K-Cups can't be recycled. So, I bought a My K-Cup. Now I can enjoy a single cup whenever I wish without the eco baggage --- this constitutes a Win-Win.

Starbucks tends to make pretty good coffee, this sampler fit the bill.

01 August 2018

New #BeyondMeat #BeyondBurger #Review #Meatless #NationalBurgerDay #Vegetarian

A Review from last year (that I've been meaning to publish)

The Product: New Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, a Plant-Sourced Burger, 2ct pkg (found in the meat aisle or refrigerated section)

The Details: Whole Foods did a one day promotion on the new Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, which is normally $6.99 for a two patty pack (at my local store) but could be had at 2/$9.00 in honor of National Burger Day 2017. I was willing to risk trying it at $4.50/pkg (or $2.25/burger) since I had a Whole Foods Gift Card to pay for it. Because I eat other Beyond Meat products, I assumed it would be decent, although I was a bit cautious due to all the "can't tell the difference between it and real meat" hype being employed in advertising it.

I gave the second pack to my sister (the one who's vegetarian like I am) so that she could test it out also. We've both been veg for a long time: I've been veg for so long --- nearly 30 years --- that I no longer recall what meat tastes like, and she went veg roughly 6 years after I did. As she's also older than I am, she ate meat for more of her life than I did, but she's still been veg for more than 20 years at this point.

The Results: We were both underwhelmed. After all the online hype pushing this burger to the masses we expected to be wowed! (We each prepared the burgers separately at our own homes and met up several days later to discuss what we thought of the experience.) Each of us thought the plain burger was good, but not amazing. We both agreed it worked very well with "all the fixings." It sautéed well, grilled great and held up on a bun well. It was comparatively thick and juicy ---most commercially prepared veggie burgers are thin patties.

If having a "meaty" option plant-based burger encourages others to go veg or at least make more conscientious dietary choices then I'm all for it. It provides an option. I liked it well enough that I would add it to the rotation of veggies burgers and other prepared veggie entrees that I consume, but it wasn't so unbelievable that it would be the only veggie burger I'd eat on a consistent basis.

It's a nice innovative addition to the marketplace, but don't expect it to topple Morningstar Farms from the top (it's more expensive, takes a bit more preparation and ends up tasting only slightly better).

Try it, if you will. If you're a meat eater then it may be a tasty way to get more veg protein in your diet. Vegetarians can probably take it or leave it. It's a convenient meal option, but I could just as easily make stir fry. However, I like to mix things up, so I will buy it from time to time.