02 August 2018

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Some time ago, I received a "Tasting Flight" (free sampler) of Starbucks Dark Roast Coffees K-Cups. I enjoyed them at the time, but never wrote a review of the product, so I'm rectifying this now.

If you like Dark Roast Coffee, you will probably like the coffees in this sampler: Cafe Verona, French Roast and Sumatra. I did. I love coffee, period. I will have a cup of almost any coffee, but I go back to the good stuff time and again. This sampler was good, all the varieties included were solid. Dark Roasts are too "strong" for some people, but I prefer a robust cup of coffee. 

Starbucks says the French Roast is its most robust --- and the coffee is bright & sharp just as I like it! Now, this is a good cup of coffee (prepared with a bit of sugar and a splash of milk, over ice because it's Summer). I could drink this all day. The other two varieties were good also, even if neither left a specific impression beyond "an enjoyable cup of coffee." Because this is sort of the point, right?

I would buy any of them again, though because I'm moving away from purchasing prepackaged K-Cups, I'd likely choose to buy the whole bean or ground version in a bag. I love single-serve K-Cup convenience, but don't like the fact that most prepackaged K-Cups can't be recycled. So, I bought a My K-Cup. Now I can enjoy a single cup whenever I wish without the eco baggage --- this constitutes a Win-Win.

Starbucks tends to make pretty good coffee, this sampler fit the bill.

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