15 August 2018

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Back on National Iced Tea Day, Lipton ran a promotion giving away coupons for a Free 20oz Lipton Iced Tea (single serve). I visited the giveaway site, filled out the form and several weeks later received said coupon in the mail. My sister redeemed the coupon on my behalf as she was heading to the store. (It's nice to have siblings who actually LIKE going out shopping in Brick & Mortar retail stores --- since I don't --- and who live relatively close by.) I'd asked her to grab whatever looked interesting and she delivered a New Lipton Iced Tea Tropical Flavor with Other Natural Flavors with a Splash of Juice.

Product: Lipton Iced Tea Tropical Flavor, with Other Natural Flavors, with a Splash of Juice, 20oz bottle.

You'd think with this mouthful of a label name that it would taste amazing, but you'd be wrong. It was merely OK. Like most things sweetened with stevia it had a noticeable aftertaste.
"I can eat stevia plant leaves just fine. In fact, my first taste of stevia was actually fresh picked out of a friend's garden. But sadly, no-one has figured out how to process stevia commercially without the resulting product having a bitter aftertaste. And yes, I've tried the products that say "no stevia aftertaste." It's still there, perhaps fainter than in other products, but noticeable to my taste-buds."
Anywho, back to the product trial: For all the flavors and splash of juice, it was a rather weak tea. I could taste the flavor of the tea itself distinctively, as if it was fresh brewed, so that's a point in its favor. As Lipton is well regarded tea brand, I'd expect no less. I wouldn't seek to purchase this again --- not my cup bottle of tea! I'm a Southerner and a Sweet Tea enthusiast (this means real sugar, hon). I don't expect this particular product to go over well in the deep South, but we cotton to Lipton well enough, as a brand.

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