24 August 2018

Starbucks #HappyHour BOGO Frappucino: White Chocolate? WTF?

Yesterday, after 3:00p, was Starbucks Happy Hour, a weekly Summertime promotion where a promoted beverage (type) will be featured at half-price or BOGO. One of my sister's went by and ended up bringing me a White Chocolate Frappuccino as yesterdays promotion was BOGO and I'd treated her to a free food reward last week.
Have you been playing the Starbucks Summer Game? I won enough stars (125) so far to earn a bonus Free Drink or Food Reward. Promotion ends 10/Sep and there's an alternate method of entry (AMOE) form.
This was my first time trying the White Chocolate version. (Hers, too.) The Mocha Frapp is my go-to frosted handcrafted drink at Starbucks. I did not like the White Chocolate Frappuccino. Neither did my sister. 

Weak flavor. Bland. Not saved by the whipped cream. Would NOT give the Mocha Frapp a run for my money. Would not buy, again (having been given one). Disappointed.

At least I didn't pay for it... I told my sister that the next time she's feeling adventurous and wants to try something new at Starbucks to please leave me out of it. Bring me a Mocha Frappuccino! Anyone?

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