05 August 2018

VUDU Sale, Score! #VideoDownloads #BritishHumor #PBS

Come Fly With Me SE01
VUDU is having a MASSIVE sale and folks on a movie forum that I frequent have been discussing the best deals to be had. Someone there mentioned that the full First (and only) Season (6 episodes) of a show called Come Fly With Me was on sale for $3.99 and then said he'd recommend the show to anyone who likes British humor. The person ended by saying the show was done by the same guys who did Little Britain. In response, several others on the forum posted to say that it was quite a good show and getting the entire season at this price was a great deal.

I hadn't heard of Come Fly With Me, but I knew Little Britain because a friend of mine had recommended it years ago. (This friend knows that I grew up watching old British television serials rerun on PBS, so dry British humor is actually my default.) Luckily, VUDU had recently given me a $3.00 gift credit to thank me for being a good customer and I'd also won a "20% Off Your Next Purchase" code in a partner sponsored contest. I decided to purchase the show as a blind buy.

Score! I was able to stack the two discounts and buy the full First Season for ONLY $0.19! I'll probably download Come Fly With Me and check out the show over the next week or so, time permitting. I figure how could I go wrong at 19-cents.... Thanks, VUDU!

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