16 August 2018

Hot! $5.00 eBay #Coupon (Any Purchase) --- Go Quickly!

I was doing an online crossword puzzle earlier and happened to notice an ad at the top of the screen. (Most of the time I am oblivious to web ads.) This one caught my attention because it was for eBay. I like to use eBay to find things for my hobbies; it's like going thrifting or to a yard sale without the "going out" part. For me that's a win.

So I actually paused my crossword to jot the coupon code down. The ad said to click for details, but I didn't bother figuring the code would either work or wouldn't. After finishing the crossword, I surfed over to eBay to test the coupon and it worked. (I tried it on food and toys so it seems to be valid on any purchase.) When I added the coupon a popup on my shopping cart read, "Make certain to use your coupon before it expires on the 24th."

So what are you going to buy?

eBay Coupon: MYFUNFIVE
Expires 24-Aug-2018

DISCLAIMER: Promotions of this sort never last long and may not work for everyone. The expiration date may change per user. YMMV

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