01 August 2018

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A Review from last year (that I've been meaning to publish)

The Product: New Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, a Plant-Sourced Burger, 2ct pkg (found in the meat aisle or refrigerated section)

The Details: Whole Foods did a one day promotion on the new Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, which is normally $6.99 for a two patty pack (at my local store) but could be had at 2/$9.00 in honor of National Burger Day 2017. I was willing to risk trying it at $4.50/pkg (or $2.25/burger) since I had a Whole Foods Gift Card to pay for it. Because I eat other Beyond Meat products, I assumed it would be decent, although I was a bit cautious due to all the "can't tell the difference between it and real meat" hype being employed in advertising it.

I gave the second pack to my sister (the one who's vegetarian like I am) so that she could test it out also. We've both been veg for a long time: I've been veg for so long --- nearly 30 years --- that I no longer recall what meat tastes like, and she went veg roughly 6 years after I did. As she's also older than I am, she ate meat for more of her life than I did, but she's still been veg for more than 20 years at this point.

The Results: We were both underwhelmed. After all the online hype pushing this burger to the masses we expected to be wowed! (We each prepared the burgers separately at our own homes and met up several days later to discuss what we thought of the experience.) Each of us thought the plain burger was good, but not amazing. We both agreed it worked very well with "all the fixings." It sautéed well, grilled great and held up on a bun well. It was comparatively thick and juicy ---most commercially prepared veggie burgers are thin patties.

If having a "meaty" option plant-based burger encourages others to go veg or at least make more conscientious dietary choices then I'm all for it. It provides an option. I liked it well enough that I would add it to the rotation of veggies burgers and other prepared veggie entrees that I consume, but it wasn't so unbelievable that it would be the only veggie burger I'd eat on a consistent basis.

It's a nice innovative addition to the marketplace, but don't expect it to topple Morningstar Farms from the top (it's more expensive, takes a bit more preparation and ends up tasting only slightly better).

Try it, if you will. If you're a meat eater then it may be a tasty way to get more veg protein in your diet. Vegetarians can probably take it or leave it. It's a convenient meal option, but I could just as easily make stir fry. However, I like to mix things up, so I will buy it from time to time.

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