07 August 2018

Lookout For Coke's New Iconic State Flavors #Beverages #Soda

Coke State Flavors
Some time ago, I received an email from the Coca-Cola Company touting its new Coke variations, based upon iconic State flavors. There were like 4 flavors in the first batch which were mentioned in the email, but of course, the only two I recall are Georgia Peach and California Raspberry, my dual home states. I have yet to see any of them in-store, but then again, I seldom go out to shop Brick & Mortar any longer. I'm almost exclusively an online shopper.

A friend recently spotted some of these sodas in the wild -- quaintly, he still shops in physical stores -- and was kind enough to text me a shelfie of Georgia and California side by side. I'm curious to try them. Apparently they contain natural fruit flavors and pure cane sugar like "Mexican" Coke.

What other flavors should Coke include in the line? Have you tried any of the flavors already available? What did you think?

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