05 October 2018

October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month!

October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month! Do you like popcorn? It's a favorite food over here at Castle Modern, can practically be considered a household staple. I especially love "real theater style" popcorn that you pop in a bit of oil, though I will eat microwaveable popcorn if nothing else is on offer. Popcorn always makes me think of movies and fairgrounds --- and you know how I feel about fairs, carnivals, vaudeville and the circus! Perfect Fall weather activities.

I've decided I do like the idea of these various National Days and Months (themes) as they bring attention to all the great (food & farming) industries in our country. At first, I was like how do you keep up with it all, but now I'm like it's a fun way to get a theme for the day whether this inspires your lunch ideas or simply makes you pause and consider your food. 

I've got a case of popcorn kernels and some sunflower oil ready to do some popping at a moments notice all month long. How do you like your popcorn done up? Sometimes I like savory, sometimes I like sweet. Depends on how the wind is blowing. Get your popcorn on! Things are popping.

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