11 September 2018

Want To Color Your Hair? Try #VR First @LOrealParisUSA Next Week Perhaps #AR Too!

I like it when companies use tech creatively to their benefit and in turn to the benefit of customers. For instance, I received an email today from L'Oreal Paris USA touting a new Virtual Reality (VR) tool that allows you to virtually try on different hair shades to see what you like and what you will look like before you dye. (You take a selfie and then apply filters matching shade colors to the image.)

While I wasn't planning to dye my hair anytime soon, I still paused to check out the creative use of tech and to appreciate that a company was working to use tech tools to its advantage. If Virtual Reality (or Augmented Reality) allows me to try on clothes, dye my hair, tour locations around the world, etc. all from the comfort of my own home then this is a win for me, especially because I'm a homebody.

There are few things which require my physical presence, in my opinion. I much prefer sending my telepresence wherever possible. Luckily for me, this is also the direction in which many routine chores, tasks and services are also moving. I hate being photographed, but for a service that saves me trouble and hassle I'd consider the trade-off (providing there are appropriate privacy/usage/copyright controls, of course).

Check the L'Oreal VR tool: Take a Selfie With Our Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool! (Click "Try It On" on the hair color product image.)

L'Oreal is also developing Augmented Reality (AR) tools in partnership with Facebook. See the news release: https://www.loreal.com/media/news/2018/august/modiface.

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