25 September 2018

#TriedIt: Redwood Hill Farm Blueberry Goat Milk Yogurt! #GotItFree

I happened upon a free product coupon for Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt, 6oz cup, up to $3.20 about a month ago and printed it out. I put it in my "offers to redeem" envelope so I could get one to try, if I found the product in a store. Over the weekend, my sister located it at an area Sprouts and got a Blueberry flavored one for me. (I always mention products for which I'm keeping an eye out to my sisters as they still go out to stores regularly. I will often just hand them coupons and say, "if you see this, grab one" ---sometimes for me, sometimes for themselves.) The product was $2.19 at Sprouts.

I haven't eaten many goat's milk products. After I discovered as a child that I don't like feta (which seems to be a main way that most Americans first encounter goat's milk) and the few other goat's milk derived products I've tried over the years, I shied away from it. The products have been a bit more tangy than my palette likes. But this yogurt was good. It was mild, creamy and smooth, with a good consistency and real blueberries. I would buy the product, again here and there, but I still prefer cow's milk products. Just my personal preference. However, this product made me realize that I don't have a particular issue with goat's milk itself, merely the method it's usually prepared.

Perhaps, it's sheep's milk with which I have issue... Hmmm.

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