11 November 2016

Salute to Veterans! My #VeteransDay Routine

As a National Holiday in the United States of America, Veterans Day is generally observed annually on the 11th of November and this year it falls on a Friday (today) marking the start of a long weekend for those who get the day off from work. While television adverts would have you believe that Veterans Days in nothing more than an excuse to launch a furniture sale, let's pause for a moment to recall the purpose of the holiday.
On this day, we as a nation commemorate those who have served in our armed forces and thank them for said service.

In addition to my soul mate, my "twin", who is both a Navy veteran and a police officer, my extended family includes a number of active duty military, military veterans and law enforcement officers (many of whom are also military vets); plus several of my neighbors are military veterans, too --- I am a native Southerner living in the deep South after all --- so this holiday has a great deal of personal meaning. I generally spend the day doing good deeds for all the veterans that I know, and while I try to do this any day of the year, sometimes life sidetracks you with white noise, so it's nice to have a special day to remind us to hug a vet and say...

Thank you for your service. Happy Veterans Day!

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