16 July 2018

Bombs Bursting in Air Redux (Thunder Shirt)

As I have mentioned before, my dog freaks out during thunderstorms and fireworks, so this time of year tends to be rough on her. I'd tried several remedies to help calm her, but had experienced limited success. As a concerned parent, I've kept searching for a better solution. Recently, a neighbor suggested tying a blanket snugly around my dog, but in the heat and humidity of July in Georgia, where the heat index often reaches over 100 degrees, this wasn't feasible. Instead I'd started researching pressure point methodology, like acupuncture, and compression technology, like "thunder shirts," to accomplish the same task as a security blanket without making my dog overheat or worse suffocate. I thought there has to be a simpler way to apply comforting pressure and help my dog relax without overtaxing her system. (I would resort to holding pup in my lap and hugging her during fierce storms, but again there's a body heat component added to this "solution," plus she's fidgety.) Browsing an online form, I came across a discussion of this very issue as the Fourth of July, one of the worst holidays for those sensitive to sound and light, was approaching. Someone posted a DIY method she'd found on another forum to wrap or cocoon your dog, complete with image. Glancing at the image, I instantly thought, "That's it!" I could see that the light-weight wrap style illustrated (using an elastic bandage) hit the all the right spots or pressure points, yet left most of the dog uncovered to be able to breathe freely. I expected it to work before I'd tried it, but as each animal is different, I didn't know how my dog would respond to it. To experiment, I got an elastic bandage from my local dollar store. I figured if pup hated it, it was only $1.00 and I could add it to my First Aid supplies.

This simple DIY wrap has worked wonders for my dog! The difference is very noticeable. She has gone from hyperventilating and pacing incessantly during storms to being able to sit down rather calmly and even nap. It's not "perfect" but nothing would be (except silence). Light storms are a breeze nowadays. Bigger crazy lightning storms and massive fireworks still cause some agitation, but not nearly as much as before.

I combined using the wrap with giving pup a vitamin boost during troubling events and she is handling things so much better now. I wanted to share our success story in case it could benefit another pup.

To see the instructions for a DIY Dog Thunder Shirt, go to this Castle Modern entry. I hope it works as well for your dog, if needed.

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