29 July 2018

My #Tester Philosophy #AlphaTester #TryB4UBuy #GotItFree #Couponer

I'm a curious sort. I enjoy trying news things and while I may not go out of my way to grab the "new-new" merely to say I've tried it, I do tend to be aware of new products and consumer trends --- so if I find a good deal that allows me to try something new or updated for free (or very cheap) then all the better.

A lot of new products and services don't rate a mention unless it's in complaint, but when you find something wonderful, you've got to share the information. We're all searching for things that work as they should (and we hope to be warned off when they don't).

I guess you could say I'm an adventurous consumer and an early adopter, but I will call companies out when they drop the ball. This is what makes me great at Quality Assurance and highly proficient as a tester/reviewer. I also like to break things to see how they work, then piece them together again.

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