12 January 2017

#Democracy at Work? Help Decide the New #Monopoly Player Tokens #BoardGames #TokenMadness #VoteMonopoly #PopularVote

It seems the folks behind the family board game Monopoly are looking to give it a makeover of sorts by updating and/or replacing the iconic player tokens with a brand new set. We, the people, can go to votemonopoly.com and voice our opinions on what little player tokens should be included in an upcoming new release of the popular board game.
Monopoly Token Madness Promotion
Not certain how I feel about this, I know there are various themed Monopoly game versions with specialized player tokens that have been put out over the years, but apparently, this is tampering with the original, which was practically my favorite board game as a child. (I haven't checked the website as yet in order to verify all the actual details, I merely saw a blurb about this promotion on the local morning news.) I still haven't gotten over the previous game alterations.

Will the popular vote be honored? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

1 comment:

  1. Well, the voting has concluded and Hasbro has announced that a golden Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rubber Ducky and Penguin tokens will replace the tin-colored thimble, wheelbarrow and boot tokens which are being retired from the game.

    It might be fun to play as Rex and go on a Jurassic Park style rampage across the board.