03 January 2017

#Dogs and #Thunderstorms Are Not Friends. #WeatherGeek

As a weather geek, I used to like thunderstorms, but this was before I got a dog. Having a pup who does not enjoy booms, claps and rumbles, changes a perspective. (And this, quick on the heels of the "bombs bursting in air" which constituted New Year's.) We need the rain, because we're still recovering from extreme drought, but... Thunderstorms have become a source of trepidation. But alas, pup is tucked in and finally off to sleep, I hope, as things seem to be settling down. Last night into this morning was a crazy, rainy, cold, clammy, foggy, thunderous mess --- and as I also got little to no sleep due to my sitting up with a worried pup, I am off to bed.

May the Sun gods shine today!

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