11 January 2017

#Travel Back in Time: #ColonialWilliamsburg #History #AmericanRevolution #EarlyAmericana #ReEnactments

As part of a secondary school field trip years and years ago, my class traveled to the "living history" city of Colonial Williamsburg --- and I loved it! The costumes, the setting, the reenactments, the demonstrations (to this day I still want to take up glass blowing, because of a demo I witnessed there), the houses, all of it was so interesting to me. As I've mentioned previously, I absolutely love the American Revolutionary period of our country's history and visiting Colonial Williamsburg is like being there as the war broke out. I could totally get a job there as one of the docents and be happy as a clam. (Are clams really happy? But, I digress...)

Just the other day, I requested a 2017 Colonial Williamsburg Wall Calendar that is (or was) being offered for free. I do hope I get one. (Because online free offers often get slammed with requests once freebie deal sites get wind of them, any request tends to be hit or miss, of course.) The pictures shown in the sample calendar online were some great shots and instantly transported me back to Colonial Williamsburg. Memories came flooding over, vivid images bubbled to the surface of my mind. If it shows up, this calendar is definitely going on the wall. I think the library is a perfect location considering. Now I'm thinking I'll have to plan a trip and return to Colonial Williamsburg one day.


  1. Flipping through the December 2016 - January 2017 issue of Garden & Gun magazine and came across a prominent ad for Colonial Williamsburg: "Enjoy our gardens and guns". The ad trumpets the upcoming Spring season when gardens are in bloom, and invites one to try his hand at firing a flintlock musket at the musket range. Neat! Between the calendar giveaway (referenced above) and this new ad campaign, seems the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is doing a bit of an outreach. Good, I say! Places like this need to exist, but no doubt it's difficult to compete for tourism dollars in the age of garish amusement parks. (And I'm not knocking amusement parks, they are supposed to be over-the-top.)

  2. The 2017 Colonial Williamsburg Calendar that I requested arrived in the mail the other day. Excited to receive this and will hang it on the wall in the estate library. Thank you, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation!