17 July 2018

Building Castle Modern™

Castle Vianden. (CCO Public Domain Image by Libor Háček.)
Castle Vianden. (CCO Public Domain Image by Libor Háček.)

FYI: I have a lot of information that I've already gathered to add to Castle Modern™ (main site). It will take time to build up the encyclopedia with useful information, but bear with me. The goal is to create a resourceful guidebook chock full of data that aids in the human quest to "live well and live responsibly," which are not mutually exclusive ideas. In short, it's a quest to create a sustainable lifestyle beacon. The modern home(stead) must be both self-reliant and interdependent simultaneously in order for society as a whole to thrive. Humankind must remember our collective roots, while striving to evolve. No man is an island. So stick around and browse... or come back and browse again tomorrow... there's more of interest and of use in the pipeline.

May you never be required to say, "I wish I'd known... when I was trying to..." in relation to running your household, because Knowledge is Power. Truly.

Your home is your castle, but this ain't the Dark Ages.

-- Θεα, Editor-in-Chief and Author at Castle Modern™

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