30 September 2018

My Fun Shopping Deals Saturday Edition! #Coupons #MoneyMaker #NationalCoffeeDay

Was out a bit this weekend running errands & doing it up for National Coffee Day. I'd noticed that the Kroger Free Friday Download (FFD) item was a free YQ by Yoplait Yogurt with ultra-filtered milk (the new dairy buzz trend).

Picked up a Mango one yesterday, currently on sale for $1.34 at Kroger (MSRP $1.49), but of course it was free with my FFD ecoupon. Then I submitted the receipt to Savingstar to redeem a previously activated offer for $0.30 back on the purchase of one YQ by Yoplait Yogurt that was set to expire today.

My cashback rebate (or post-purchase coupon) has already posted to my Savingstar account, which means I not only got a free cup of yogurt, but also got paid 30-cents to eat it.

It's always fun when deals coincide like this and you can be paid to shop!

29 September 2018

New eBay $5.00 Coupon Code Expires Today! Got Fun Freebies! YMMV

A new eBay coupon code [PERKMEUP] was released the other day. It's good for $5.00 OFF almost any order and was apparently intended for accounts that have not placed an order in more than 12 months --- I didn't see the small print myself, I only saw the coupon code on the eBay front page. But the code seems to be working for nearly everyone, so whether it was programmed into the system incorrectly or eBay simply decided to allow it to function as first come, fist served I cannot say. YMMV. Code is scheduled to expire at the end of the day.
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (Original Flavors)
As finding this coupon was a totally unexpected boon, I just grabbed a couple of cheap items which totaled $5.45 and thus, were free for me as I have a random eBay GC with a few odd cents left on it that I use to cover coupon overages, tax and such and this GC had enough to cover the 45-cents left post coupon application.

What did I get? Well, I picked up a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candy and a tiny pair of swim goggles for 18" Dolls. Both items included free shipping. This was a fun get!
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
18" Dolls Swim Goggles
Did you try the coupon? Did it work?

27 September 2018

Fun Deals From Last Week's Shopping @Kroger

During last week's grocery sales (most of which ended Tuesday), I was able to score a moneymaker on quick pasta and also some cheap candy!

First, Kroger had Barilla Ready Made Pasta Pouch (microwavable, ready in 60 seconds) on sale for $1.79. There was a $1.00 digital manufacturer's coupon available to load, so after coupon, one pouch cost a mere $0.79 (plus tax). But there was also, a Savingstar coupon/rebate for $1.00, which gives your money back (eventually, when you cashout) plus overage. Nice! Personally, I seldom eat pasta as I greatly prefer rice, but a moneymaker is difficult to resist. (Besides, I have family members who love pasta.)

Also, on sale at Kroger last week were M&M's and Snickers Bars (singles) for $0.50/ea. There was a Save $0.50/2 Snickers Bar Singles digital manufacturer's coupon and an M&M's digital manufacturer's BOGO coupon (Buy One M&M's Singles, Get One Malteser's Candy Singles Free). Thus, I was able to get a pack of M&M's Peanut, a pack of Malteser's Candy and two Snickers Bars for $1.00 (plus tax) total. You don't often find $0.25 candy bars any longer. So this was a sweet (pun intended) score!

These were my best deals last week. Still plotting this week's deals and will probably go out on the weekend due to the various deals available for National Coffee Day on Saturday. What have you found lately? Any good deals?

Happy hunting! -- Ed.

25 September 2018

#TriedIt: Redwood Hill Farm Blueberry Goat Milk Yogurt! #GotItFree

I happened upon a free product coupon for Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt, 6oz cup, up to $3.20 about a month ago and printed it out. I put it in my "offers to redeem" envelope so I could get one to try, if I found the product in a store. Over the weekend, my sister located it at an area Sprouts and got a Blueberry flavored one for me. (I always mention products for which I'm keeping an eye out to my sisters as they still go out to stores regularly. I will often just hand them coupons and say, "if you see this, grab one" ---sometimes for me, sometimes for themselves.) The product was $2.19 at Sprouts.

I haven't eaten many goat's milk products. After I discovered as a child that I don't like feta (which seems to be a main way that most Americans first encounter goat's milk) and the few other goat's milk derived products I've tried over the years, I shied away from it. The products have been a bit more tangy than my palette likes. But this yogurt was good. It was mild, creamy and smooth, with a good consistency and real blueberries. I would buy the product, again here and there, but I still prefer cow's milk products. Just my personal preference. However, this product made me realize that I don't have a particular issue with goat's milk itself, merely the method it's usually prepared.

Perhaps, it's sheep's milk with which I have issue... Hmmm.

Saturday is #NationalCoffeeDay: Get Free Coffee & A Doughnut at Krispy Kreme!

National Coffee Day is on Saturday, 29/September. Several eateries are doing promotions (some entirely free, others requiring a purchase). One of the nicer ones is at Krispy Kreme. You can get both a free (drip) coffee (any size) and a single doughnut for free at participating locations. This offer is intended for members of the Rewards program (it's free to join). Limit one free brewed coffee and doughnut per Rewards member.

This is one of my favorite National Days, because I LOVE coffee!

Random Story: The first time I ever got "drunk" in college was from imbibing too much coffee. Some friends and I threw a "coffee tasting party" where we bought all these different types of coffee and served demitasse samples in the little cups made for this purpose. Because each sample was small, we didn't account for how much caffeine that we were actually ingesting. By the end of the party, which went on for hours and hours, we were practically bouncing off the walls because we were all so hyper. People kept dropping by to visit us and asking if we were "on drugs or something" because they'd never witnessed us being so goofy. We kept insisting that the only thing we'd had was coffee, but no-one believed us. It was pretty funny. (Because I have a very high alcohol tolerance, I didn't get drunk off of alcohol. I'd be scared to think of the amount that I would need to ingest for this to occur. In college, I used to outdrink my football player buddies, who were bigger/burlier, without ill affect. This upset these guys to no end.)

23 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Yogurt With Ultra-Filtered Milk! #NewProduct

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE YQ by Yoplait Yogurt with Ultra-Filtered Milk (5.3 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 28. Redeem by Sunday, October 14. Available in most stores.

22 September 2018

Trident Vibes #Gum 40ct Bottle #GotItFree @Kroger

Roughly 10 days ago, I got a sample of new Trident Vibes Ooh La Lemon Flavor Gum in the mail via a Sampler app promotional offering. The sampler mailing that I received consisted of a single piece of gum in a little packet along with a manufacturer's coupon to Save $1.00 of a 40ct Bottle of Any Flavor Trident Vibes Gum. I thought the lemon gum was decent, but as with most gum, the flavor doesn't last long enough for me. Still I made a mental note to try other flavors if I got a chance and I filed the coupon in my savings Rolodex noting its expiration date.
Image Copyright (c) 2018 Castle Modern
Trident Vibes Lemon, 1pc Sample
About 5 days ago, I caught a Kroger promotions announcement that listed "Trident Vibes Gum, 40ct Bottle" on sale for 99-cents with (store) coupon good Fri/Sat only. I instantly recalled the coupon I'd filed away a few days before, pulled it out and put it in my current deals envelope.

Yesterday (Friday), my errand girl (my sister who was on the way to Kroger anyhow) was able to redeem said coupon for a FREE 40ct Bottle of Trident Vibes Gum Spearmint Flavor. Actually, this turned out to be a moneymaker deal as there was a penny overage that went toward my remaining purchase balance ---the coupon automatically deducted $1.00, but the gum was only 99-cents on sale!
Image Copyright (c) 2018 Castle Modern
Trident Vibes Spearmint, 40ct Bottle
I love it when sampling opportunities, sales and coupons converge like this to make for a super saver deal. Now, I'll get a proper tasting of the Spearmint flavor. Thanks to Kroger, Trident and the Sampler app for the free gum!

By the way, I like the Spearmint flavor better than the Lemon one. It's good and minty with a splash of an alternative sweet center. I'd buy it again.

16 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Hormel® Meal!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Hormel® Compleats (7.5-10 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 21. Redeem by Sunday, October 07. Available in most stores.

15 September 2018

I'm Batman. And It's My Day! #BatmanDay @DCComics

Celebrate Batman Day Today!

I love bats. (You should too.) Being a techie gadget geek, I can well relate to Batman, though I had a closer personal affinity toward Catwoman as a little girl (I've been described as feline; however, this was in reference to a lioness, not a house cat). Anyway, I grew up watching Batman --- the Adam West version --- reruns on the telly. So I'm quite happy that today is Batman Day.

I'll probably watch (most of) Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray at some point or perhaps, go full retro and catch some live TV reruns to really bring my childhood memories back --- by the way, I LOVE that there are so many OTA retro TV Channels broadcasting. Seems like a new one pops up daily.

What are your plans? Depending on your location, there may be events or giveaways at comic book and/or video game stores in your area. To check all the celebratory activities visit DC Comics Batman Day Hub which links to an events search.

See you later. Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

14 September 2018

Sunday Get A #Coupon For #Free Guac @eatwholly! Wholly Guacamole! #NationalGuacamoleDay

Yummy! Here's a cool promotion: In honor of National Guacamole Day on Sunday, Wholly Guacamole® is giving folks a chance to score some free guac! Visit www.eatwholly.com anytime September 16, enter your details, and get a coupon for a free guac of your choice, courtesy of the makers of the Wholly Guacamole® brand. *Maximum Value $5.99.

11 September 2018

Want To Color Your Hair? Try #VR First @LOrealParisUSA Next Week Perhaps #AR Too!

I like it when companies use tech creatively to their benefit and in turn to the benefit of customers. For instance, I received an email today from L'Oreal Paris USA touting a new Virtual Reality (VR) tool that allows you to virtually try on different hair shades to see what you like and what you will look like before you dye. (You take a selfie and then apply filters matching shade colors to the image.)

While I wasn't planning to dye my hair anytime soon, I still paused to check out the creative use of tech and to appreciate that a company was working to use tech tools to its advantage. If Virtual Reality (or Augmented Reality) allows me to try on clothes, dye my hair, tour locations around the world, etc. all from the comfort of my own home then this is a win for me, especially because I'm a homebody.

There are few things which require my physical presence, in my opinion. I much prefer sending my telepresence wherever possible. Luckily for me, this is also the direction in which many routine chores, tasks and services are also moving. I hate being photographed, but for a service that saves me trouble and hassle I'd consider the trade-off (providing there are appropriate privacy/usage/copyright controls, of course).

Check the L'Oreal VR tool: Take a Selfie With Our Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool! (Click "Try It On" on the hair color product image.)

L'Oreal is also developing Augmented Reality (AR) tools in partnership with Facebook. See the news release: https://www.loreal.com/media/news/2018/august/modiface.

08 September 2018

Free Dave's Single w/ Any Purchase @Wendys! #App #Promotions #Burgers #Frosty

Like Wendy's burgers? For a limited-time, you can get a Free Dave's Single Burger with any purchase at participating Wendy's restaurants using the Wendy's app. Download and install the app, if you don't already have it. Then simply login ---or create an account, confirm your email address and then login. An ad for the promotion should be visible on the app front page, and the promotional code itself can be found under the offers tab (top of the screen).

The promotional coupon code renews daily for an (unspecified) limited time. Get a free burger with any purchase every day until it ends! Promo codes are one-time use, so don't activate (click the offer) until you're in the restaurant and ready to order. 

As many Wendy's also have a 50-cents small Frosty promotion ongoing, why not buy a small Frosty and get a free burger? How can you lose with a 50-cents (plus tax) meal these days? (I don't eat meat and recognize this is a cool deal for those who like Wendy's burgers.) Enjoy!

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Performance Bar!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE EPIC Performance Bar (1.24-1.9 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 14. Redeem by Sunday, September 30. Available in most stores.

Get A Free Pint of #HaloTop On 22/Sep! #AutumnalEquinox Promo

Halo Top Creamery is planning to offer a printable coupon on 22-September which is this year's Autumnal Equinox or First Day of Fall for a free pint of any flavor. Though they hope you try the Pumpkin Pie. The coupon must be printed and redeemed on this date only.

If you've been itching to try one of these alternative ice creams, here's your chance.

Bookmark this! And then come back on the 22nd to get a free pint (coupon). More details in the (screenshot) image below.
Screenshot Image Copyright Castle Modern
Halo Top Promotion Details

03 September 2018

Get A #Free #Reusable Carbonating Bottle: Take The #SodaStreamPledge To Fight Pollution!

Image (Screenshot) Copyright Sodastream
Be the Change Bottle
Sodastream and the Oceanic Society have partnered to help cut back on plastics polluting our oceans by asking people to forgo single use water bottles in favor of reusable ones.

Visit SodaStreamPledge.com. Take the pledge and receive a free limited-edition Be the Change reusable carbonating bottle (first 10,000).

Although the bottle is designed to work with a Sodastream machine, it's merely a fairly basic reusable water bottle.

Free Chicken Nuggets! #ChikFilA #App

Chicken Nuggets (Image Copyright Chik-Fil-A)
Chik-Fil-A® Chicken Nuggets
Download and install the Chick-Fil-A® app, if you don't already have it. Open the app and register for an account or login to your account. Go to the Rewards screen and claim a reward good for a FREE 8-count chicken nuggets! The reward expires 29-September once claimed and is available to activate (claim) while supplies last.

01 September 2018

Kroger #FreeFridayDownload Next Week: Yogurt!

Coming up Next Week!

Kroger Free Friday Download: One FREE Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Kids Pouch (3.5 oz., select varieties). Download your digital coupon between 12am-11:59pm PT on September 7. Redeem by Sunday, September 23. Available in most stores.