25 September 2018

Saturday is #NationalCoffeeDay: Get Free Coffee & A Doughnut at Krispy Kreme!

National Coffee Day is on Saturday, 29/September. Several eateries are doing promotions (some entirely free, others requiring a purchase). One of the nicer ones is at Krispy Kreme. You can get both a free (drip) coffee (any size) and a single doughnut for free at participating locations. This offer is intended for members of the Rewards program (it's free to join). Limit one free brewed coffee and doughnut per Rewards member.

This is one of my favorite National Days, because I LOVE coffee!

Random Story: The first time I ever got "drunk" in college was from imbibing too much coffee. Some friends and I threw a "coffee tasting party" where we bought all these different types of coffee and served demitasse samples in the little cups made for this purpose. Because each sample was small, we didn't account for how much caffeine that we were actually ingesting. By the end of the party, which went on for hours and hours, we were practically bouncing off the walls because we were all so hyper. People kept dropping by to visit us and asking if we were "on drugs or something" because they'd never witnessed us being so goofy. We kept insisting that the only thing we'd had was coffee, but no-one believed us. It was pretty funny. (Because I have a very high alcohol tolerance, I didn't get drunk off of alcohol. I'd be scared to think of the amount that I would need to ingest for this to occur. In college, I used to outdrink my football player buddies, who were bigger/burlier, without ill affect. This upset these guys to no end.)

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