29 September 2018

New eBay $5.00 Coupon Code Expires Today! Got Fun Freebies! YMMV

A new eBay coupon code [PERKMEUP] was released the other day. It's good for $5.00 OFF almost any order and was apparently intended for accounts that have not placed an order in more than 12 months --- I didn't see the small print myself, I only saw the coupon code on the eBay front page. But the code seems to be working for nearly everyone, so whether it was programmed into the system incorrectly or eBay simply decided to allow it to function as first come, fist served I cannot say. YMMV. Code is scheduled to expire at the end of the day.
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (Original Flavors)
As finding this coupon was a totally unexpected boon, I just grabbed a couple of cheap items which totaled $5.45 and thus, were free for me as I have a random eBay GC with a few odd cents left on it that I use to cover coupon overages, tax and such and this GC had enough to cover the 45-cents left post coupon application.

What did I get? Well, I picked up a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candy and a tiny pair of swim goggles for 18" Dolls. Both items included free shipping. This was a fun get!
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
18" Dolls Swim Goggles
Did you try the coupon? Did it work?

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