22 September 2018

Trident Vibes #Gum 40ct Bottle #GotItFree @Kroger

Roughly 10 days ago, I got a sample of new Trident Vibes Ooh La Lemon Flavor Gum in the mail via a Sampler app promotional offering. The sampler mailing that I received consisted of a single piece of gum in a little packet along with a manufacturer's coupon to Save $1.00 of a 40ct Bottle of Any Flavor Trident Vibes Gum. I thought the lemon gum was decent, but as with most gum, the flavor doesn't last long enough for me. Still I made a mental note to try other flavors if I got a chance and I filed the coupon in my savings Rolodex noting its expiration date.
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Trident Vibes Lemon, 1pc Sample
About 5 days ago, I caught a Kroger promotions announcement that listed "Trident Vibes Gum, 40ct Bottle" on sale for 99-cents with (store) coupon good Fri/Sat only. I instantly recalled the coupon I'd filed away a few days before, pulled it out and put it in my current deals envelope.

Yesterday (Friday), my errand girl (my sister who was on the way to Kroger anyhow) was able to redeem said coupon for a FREE 40ct Bottle of Trident Vibes Gum Spearmint Flavor. Actually, this turned out to be a moneymaker deal as there was a penny overage that went toward my remaining purchase balance ---the coupon automatically deducted $1.00, but the gum was only 99-cents on sale!
Image Copyright (c) 2018 Castle Modern
Trident Vibes Spearmint, 40ct Bottle
I love it when sampling opportunities, sales and coupons converge like this to make for a super saver deal. Now, I'll get a proper tasting of the Spearmint flavor. Thanks to Kroger, Trident and the Sampler app for the free gum!

By the way, I like the Spearmint flavor better than the Lemon one. It's good and minty with a splash of an alternative sweet center. I'd buy it again.

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