15 September 2018

I'm Batman. And It's My Day! #BatmanDay @DCComics

Celebrate Batman Day Today!

I love bats. (You should too.) Being a techie gadget geek, I can well relate to Batman, though I had a closer personal affinity toward Catwoman as a little girl (I've been described as feline; however, this was in reference to a lioness, not a house cat). Anyway, I grew up watching Batman --- the Adam West version --- reruns on the telly. So I'm quite happy that today is Batman Day.

I'll probably watch (most of) Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray at some point or perhaps, go full retro and catch some live TV reruns to really bring my childhood memories back --- by the way, I LOVE that there are so many OTA retro TV Channels broadcasting. Seems like a new one pops up daily.

What are your plans? Depending on your location, there may be events or giveaways at comic book and/or video game stores in your area. To check all the celebratory activities visit DC Comics Batman Day Hub which links to an events search.

See you later. Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

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