08 September 2018

Free Dave's Single w/ Any Purchase @Wendys! #App #Promotions #Burgers #Frosty

Like Wendy's burgers? For a limited-time, you can get a Free Dave's Single Burger with any purchase at participating Wendy's restaurants using the Wendy's app. Download and install the app, if you don't already have it. Then simply login ---or create an account, confirm your email address and then login. An ad for the promotion should be visible on the app front page, and the promotional code itself can be found under the offers tab (top of the screen).

The promotional coupon code renews daily for an (unspecified) limited time. Get a free burger with any purchase every day until it ends! Promo codes are one-time use, so don't activate (click the offer) until you're in the restaurant and ready to order. 

As many Wendy's also have a 50-cents small Frosty promotion ongoing, why not buy a small Frosty and get a free burger? How can you lose with a 50-cents (plus tax) meal these days? (I don't eat meat and recognize this is a cool deal for those who like Wendy's burgers.) Enjoy!

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