18 July 2018

Thanks eBay for the $10.00 #Free #Coupon!

Yesterday, eBay ran a very short-lived Facebook promotion which offered a free $10.00 coupon (Save $10.00 Off any purchase of $10.01+) for watching a simple video advertising the service and clicking a link to "Get your offer." The promotion was limited to the first 50,000 redemptions, but luckily, I was able to get in on the deal before it expired.
Keurig Hot 2.0 My K-Cup (eBay Vendor Image)
Keurig Hot 2.0 My K-Cup (eBay Vendor Image)

I was able to get a NIB Keurig Hot 2.0 My K-Cup ($7.99) and a miniature white 18" Doll Scale toy iPad ($2.49). The order total was $10.48 as both items included free shipping. The coupon brought this down to $0.48. Also, I happened to have $1.17 left on an old eBay eGC that I'd earned via another promotion long ago. (I don't shop on eBay very often, so this poor e-gift certificate was merely sitting in the cloud idly holding its balance.) So I used this eGC to pay the $0.48 balance. I got two nifty items totally free! This little interlude made for a fun lunchtime.

I originally purchased some cheap plastic, made in China, My K-Cup knock-offs --- also on eBay --- so that I could brew my own coffee in my Keurig 2.0 machine, but unfortunately, as is generally the case with cheap shit, these lasted barely a few months. I drink a lot of coffee. So I decided to buy the official Keurig item and had been looking for a good deal on one. Deal done!

The 18" Doll iPad was just a fun filler item to reach the $10.01 threshold needed to use the promotional coupon, as the 2.0 My K-Cup turned out to be on sale (from the vendor I purchased it). The iPad is only a cute little toy, so the fact that it's cheap plastic, made in Hong Kong, won't matter much.

What did you do for lunch yesterday?

BTW, Alexa, enable the Rock 100.5 Skill. I'm rocking out today! (I'm actually listening to the radio right now as I type this.)

Get over Hump Day...
-- Θεα

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  1. My purchase triggered a "Thank You" email from eBay which also included a new offer to get a $5.00 coupon (good on any purchase) if I downloaded and shopped via the eBay app. So I installed the app and found a cute American Girl outfit priced at $5.00 that I got for free.