13 November 2018

Nearly Free $1.00 @Amazon #EchoDot Score! @AmazonMusic Unlimited #Promotion

A few days ago Amazon ran a promotion (that ended quickly once folks ahem started abusing it, which allowed one to get an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation (i.e., the latest model) as a $1.00 add-on to any Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. One could choose to purchase a 1-month Single ($7.99) or Family Plan ($14.99) and qualify for a $48.99 account credit that would be applied to the purchase of an Echo Dot [MSRP $49.99] thus making the item $1.00.

A person could score an Echo Dot for a mere $8.99, if choosing the low-end Amazon Music Unlimited plan (one month term). But the deal got sweeter once folk discovered that Amazon Music Unlimited Trial Plans (which offer 30 days free service for new users) also qualified for the Echo Dot account credit. Thus, if you possessed an account that was offered an Amazon Music Unlimited Trial (if you were a new user) you could score an Echo Dot for only $1.00 including free shipping!

Needless to say, I splurged and got an Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Heather Grey) for $1.00, even though I already have an Echo 1st Gen (the Big Guy). I used Gift Card funds that I keep on my account to pay for it, so was pretty much a freebie. I always have Amazon Money just for such purposes and because this makes shopping simpler. (I am an old-timer Amazon customer.) I earn GCs from all manner of online surveys and rewards programs to keep my family's accounts funded. (I don't think I've ever in the life of my family's accounts added money out of pocket and the oldest account is like 15 years or so.) Heck my pup even has her own Amazon account with a replenishing GC balance to cover her various treats and medicines subscriptions. She's got it like that LOL! Pretty certain that she recognizes the Amazon Delivery guy and definitely expects that any Amazon package is for her. Some spoiled pup, huh?

But I digress. Of course once word got out about the (true) $1.00 Echo Dot promotion, in another sordid tale as old as time of "there is always someone to spoil a promotion for the honest and ethical folks," reports quickly surfaced that greedy people were making new Amazon accounts left and right to stock up on $1.00 Echo Dots (presumably for resell). Of course, Amazon got wind of this and/or noticed all the new accounts being generated by a handful of IPs and pulled the promotion early stated that all promotional supplies had been exhausted.

Hope you scored an Echo Dot for only $1.00, if this was on your holiday list and that you got in on the deal before the Grinch spoiled it. I just happened to catch the deal myself. It went dead like 30 minutes after I placed an order. But I guess, this is the true spirit of the consumer holidays, you have to keep an eye out to catch the limited-time deals bubbling up.

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