29 October 2016

So Soda Me Sodastream

I did warn you that I love beverages. All kinds of beverages. I like alcoholic beverages, I like EANABs (that's Stanfordese for Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages, by the way). I LOVE soda. I could drink it all day.

But, of course, I realize that only drinking soda would be so bad. So I try to mix things up. And while I don't deny myself anything that I desire (foodwise) I do try to make healthier choices, on the main. I still drink Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry 7UP and Cheerwine, but not every single day. Everything in moderation, as they say. No, I haven't given up drinking soda, however, nowadays I often make my own.

DIY Soda: Customizing ingredients means that even soda can be relatively healthy. For most creations, I start with seltzer water that I make with my Sodastream. (I own two machines. One for the kitchen. One for the bar-room. Both won as a prize in (separate) contests.) And then I'll add all sorts of stuff. Fresh fruit, juices, spices, etc.

I collect homemade soda recipes (and recipe books) and enjoy experimenting. I will also sometimes make use of the soda syrups and water enhancers one can purchase from the store. I often create new flavors by mixing whatever's on hand. It's great fun.

I really do love my Sodastream machines! Not only are they easy to operate — a good marriage of form & function — but they're green tech, requiring no electricity. I also "recycle" the CO2 tanks by exchanging empties for discounted price full ones.* (I'm big on building a sustainable estate and minimizing my carbon footprint so green tech is a win.)

*Several stores offer a discount for exchanging the CO2 tank vs simply purchasing a new full one. One can also purchase adapters which allow for cheaper cost refills.

Plus, another benefit of DIY soda is that I get to determine the level of carbonation (up to a saturation point) AND give my thumbs a workout. And I am a fizz fiend. Look at all those tiny bubbles… (And yes, that is a Don Ho reference.)

Having a Sodastream machine also encourages me to drink more water. I find plain water boring, but flavored fizzy water is great. Then there's the fact that fresh seltzer water can make awesome mixed drinks. Why do you think I have a second machine especially for the bar?

A Sodastream machine is definitely well worth the modest investment, if you like beverages as much as I do. Getting two machines for free? Well, that was a bit like winning the lotto, but only a scratch-off.

NOTICE: This post is a reblog from (the now defunct) castlemodern.tumblr.com. It was originally published 27-Feb-2016. Post may have been edited or updated from its original text.

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  1. Went a neighbor's birthday party recently and we started to discuss drinks as everyone was sipping something. I happened to mention my love of DIY soda and that I'd won two Sodastream machines in contests. My neighbor said that she has been lusting after a Sodastream for some time. I immediately responded that I would be happy to share my good fortune with her in honor of her birthday.

    I excused myself, returned to my nearby home and grabbed the box sitting on the bar counter. Thus, I gifted my second Sodastream machine to my neighbor. (I'd planned to use this machine for my home bar, but somehow hadn't managed to unpack and set it up as yet.)

    Mama taught me to share. I've never gone wrong in doing right. Generosity is truly its own reward.