11 April 2017

#MailCall: #ProductTrials & #Samples #NonProfits #Causes #TryB4

Looks like I'll be trying and reviewing some vitamins over the next few weeks, as I received a product trial kit yesterday via UPS. I also got an Amazon order, a coupon for a free Noosa Yogurt, some lovely (surprise) note cards from The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation along with a donation request, and some organic mesclun lettuce seeds from Tasty Bite's The Good Seed program where one is provided with free seeds to grow produce and asked to share a successful harvest with a local food bank. I participated last year, but unfortunately the seeds I received never propagated. (Although I tended to them diligently, I think the extreme drought may have been too much for squash.) Hopefully, this round will bear fruit.

I'm nearly ready to start planting my garden this year.

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