03 April 2017

Who's Responsible for Your #Sports Loss? That Would Be You. #Ethics #Accountability Poor #Journalism #Golf #GolfRules

After reading numerous headlines along the lines of "Viewer Costs Golfer Major" and "Golfer Loses Major Because of Viewer," I have to say that the competency level of journalists in this country has sunken to another low --- and this is saying something. The at-home television viewer who pointed out the golfer's rule infraction is not responsible for the golfer's loss. The golfer is. SHE IS THE ONE WHO BROKE THE RULE (whether intentionally or not). The viewer merely drew attention to what occurred. Losing the tournament rests squarely on the golfer's shoulders. Hey mainstream media, please stop with this ridiculous deflection, we get enough of that from "the powers that be."

Don't even get me started on Tiger (Woods) chiming in...

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