19 February 2017

Heard #ArrivalMovie Is the Thinking Man's #SciFi? Don't Make Me Laugh!

OK, so I watched Arrival. I rented it at Redbox using a $1.25 discount code, so the 1-night movie rental was only $0.27. It was a very slow starter. (I nearly feel asleep.) It was oddly predictable in spite of its desire to be mysterious. It was pedestrian. Yet, it still managed to pose a few interesting questions. But only this. I had heard it was an "academic" or deep thinking Sci-Fi film.

I would be very surprised if it won the Academy Award for Best Picture this year. (And I do not think the lead actors being "overlooked" was a snub.) It was simply too underwhelming in every aspect. I am actually surprised it garnered the nominations that it did. That's not to say it didn't have any merit.

All I have to say is that if the aliens arrive tomorrow and we humans have to hope for a translator to save us while an incompetent military looks on, then we are already doomed. Just saying...

Well, that's another Oscars nominee checked off my list, at least.

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