26 February 2017

Morning: #Annular #SolarEclipse #Skywatchers + Evening #OscarsParty #Oscars2017

There will be a "Ring of Fire" or Annular Solar Eclipse visible in South America and Africa this morning. Would have loved to be able to witness it from here, but no such luck for us North American skywatchers. Will look for pictures online later. I'm certain somebody will get some spectacular shots and post them.

Meanwhile, I'm prepping for our Oscars 2017 Party this evening. We generally don't actually watch the awards show itself (which is most often too long-winded and self-congratulatory) except for the original song performances, but we will have it on the telly as background noise during the festivities. We're making 7-Layer Nachos, assorted veggie fries (including French fries) and jalapeno poppers for snacks. There's also Key Lime Pie and (in a nod to the Oscar statuette) Golden Oreos for sweets. For beverages, we've got Cheerwine Milkshakes, assorted Coke products (for floats, shakes & mixers) and a full bar.

We play movie trivia games and debate our own award selections. Should be a fun evening. And then early next week, we'll be partying more, because... Mardi Gras! I happen to adore the idea of surprise trinkets hidden in food --- as long as one is forewarned --- so, of course, I love King Cake. (So help me, I'm finding that baby this year.) Looks like February is going out with a blast!

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