05 February 2017

#SuperBowl Sunday #RiseUp @AtlantaFalcons #SB51 #Party Rooting for the Home Team #WeatherGeek #Smunday

Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday! I will spend a good part of the day setting up for my Super Bowl Party this evening. We're homegaiting. There's still a lot to do. I prepped most of the food yesterday and put it in the fridge overnight, but will cook, bake, and grill today. It's all good. I've got all sorts of snacks and a full bar of beverages, plus I'm also making an actual dinner as the game isn't scheduled to start until 6:30p and probably won't end until 11:00p or later.

Hoping the Atlanta Falcons cap off a great season by winning Super Bowl LI, but looking for a good game, win or lose. Between the good company, the entertainment, the anticipated new commercials and the Atlanta vs New England showdown, it should be a fun evening at any rate. We may not wind the party down until dawn. Good thing tomorrow is Smunday ---in honor of which I'm taking the day off. (I plan to get some yard work done as it's supposed to reach the upper 60s again. Yes, after two days of seasonal or Winter weather, Spring weather returns.)

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