16 February 2017

#WeatherGeek: That One Day of Winter Really Kills #Yaz #AT40 #Nostalgia

The temperature is supposed to continue to drop this morning, down to 34 degrees or thereabouts. Today is our one day of Winter before rebounding to Spring-like temperatures come Friday. While such yo-yo weather has become the new normal around here, this doesn't make it fun.

The pollen count is already hitting very high marks (the equivalent of late Spring totals), as the unseasonably warm weather which occurs most days has convinced trees, plants and flowers that it's much later in the year. So the Winter temperatures shock. Oh, how Winter kills to paraphrase the band Yaz. (By the way, Upstairs at Eric's formed a seminal work in my musical education. Oddly enough, I won the vinyl LP as part of a prize --- along with another LP that left little impression, a 19" color TV, a class ring and some trendy clothing outfit --- in a trivia contest on Casey Kasem's American Top 40 Countdown, circa 1983, I believe. Winning this radio contest altered my perspective in several arenas; my family had only owned a B&W TV up to this point. Color television marked quite a transition. But, I digress...)

As it's difficult for anyone (or anything) to adjust to these drastic swings in temperature quickly, illness has been rampant. This weather pattern wears one down. It will be nice when Spring truly arrives, providing it doesn't continue to return to Winter-like temperatures once a week. If that is going to be the case, I'll need a vacation. Pronto.

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