15 February 2017

#HomeSecurity Testing: #WirelessCameras #OutdoorLights #MotionSensors #Recording #ArchivalFootage

Spent a good part of yesterday afternoon (after finishing work) working on my home security configuration. Currently, I'm testing wireless camera placement to determine a layout that gives the best overall coverage. The property has a lot of odd angles, so the goal is to overlap camera viewing angles to minimize blind spots.
A nice feature: The recording equipment for the camera video feeds allows one to archive recordings to disc, if desired.
I also surveyed the outdoor lights, noting areas that were not well lit --- which I plan to fill-in with new lights --- and started installing strategically placed motion sensors in order to trigger certain lights automatically. And I'm planning to employ an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to insure the system can be active 24/7. This is one area that the concept of Always On does not bother me.

This has only just begun. It will take some trial and error to develop a blueprint with which I'm satisfied. However, working on a comprehensive DIY home security plan has helped to calm me down and channel my anger (from the vandalism of my property) proactively. I feel better, but "there are miles to go before I rest."

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