11 March 2017

Are #Thins Really In? #Cookies #Snacks #Natural #Sweeteners #MiniCans #Soda

The snacks and beverages industries have responded to our professed collective desire to "Be Healthier" by offering "better" versions of their wares. The market is currently proliferate with natural, light, thin and/or mini versions of "food" products that define the artificial flavors & colors, and preservatives segment. Does it matter?

Every cookie nowadays seems to have a "thin" version. Soda is touted as "made with real sugar" and comes in "mini cans" (ostensibly, a smaller serving). But are we really eating better or merely psyching ourselves out? I tend to think that thins and minis only encourage the average person to consume more per sitting. I appreciate the options --- I am Pro-Choice, after all --- but if you're eating junk food, I would hope you know it's called junk food for a reason. (I eat junk food.) Remember, everything in moderation.
Chips Ahoy! Thins
By the way, a recent Kroger Free Friday Download was a digital coupon for "One Free Chips Ahoy! Thins" product which got me to thinking about current market trends in the snacks and beverages industries. I am not a (regular) Chips Ahoy! cookies fan. The original product tastes much as I imagine pasteboard might. Surprisingly, however, the "thins" version is palatable. I couldn't decide if this was due to the "thinness" (less product altogether) or whether an actual recipe adjustment had altered the taste for the better. There's still no comparison to baking my own chocolate chip cookies, mind you, but Chips Ahoy! Thins were leagues better than the original product, in my opinion. Perhaps, this "thin" revolution brings with it hidden perks...

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