04 March 2017

#UrAWinner! #Contest #Prizes #Loot

I like entering contests, but only if it's free to enter and the available prizes are interesting or needed. For instance, I've won several HDTVs in contests over the last few years and I currently have more than enough TVs, so I tend to skip over contests where the prize is a television. The exception being if there are a lot of different prizes an entrant could win and a TV is merely one of them.

With my luck though, I'd probably end up winning the TV --- the second TV I won as an adult was this sort of fluke, I entered a contest trying to win a compost bin. (I'd won an HDTV two years prior.) I figured I had a better chance at winning it as there were 10 being given away as a fourth prize, but instead I won the single first prize TV. Some luck, eh? I actually screamed. I genuinely wanted a compost bin and did not at the time need a second big screen television.

Anywho, I hadn't been entering many contests lately because I'd been so crazy busy, but within the last week things settled a bit, so I've had a moment's leisure here and there. (Whenever I have spare time, I will often search for a contest that I can enter quickly. It's one of the things I do to blow off steam --- and it can potentially benefit me later.) Thus, I dropped my name in a proverbial hat or two, and as Luck would have it, my name was pulled out a couple times.

This week I won:
1. The Edge of Seventeen Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD
2. Old Wisconsin Prize Pack (not certain what's included, but certainly pup will enjoy it carnivore that she is.)

Now I'm simply awaiting the postman... or Brown.

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