25 March 2017

Fight for Your Right to ... #Privacy Your Home is Your #Castle

The United States Senate recently voted to pass a bill that would allow ISPs (you know the people who control the internet pipes and can see all the data flowing through them) to track you, package you and sell you to advertisers --- all without your consent. Apparently, the senators voting for this bill have forgotten that privacy is an inalienable right. If any internet businesses should be bound by strictures it is ISPs due to their (mostly) unfettered access to everything their users do online. With privilege comes responsibility and giving ISPs free reign with customers data is not a good idea any way you slice it. There is nothing wrong with being tracked with consent, there is plenty wrong with trying to say that a consumer does not "own" his own data and its OK for companies to use said data (including browsing history) without asking. If you can't be transparent about data collection, then it's likely shady. Just saying. If you don't want ISPs "tapping your wires" call Congress and give them an earful. Tell them, "I am not your product, so stop trying to sell me."* (As a staunch privacy advocate this crap makes my blood boil.)

*My slogan. Order your T-Shirt now! (Kidding about the Tee. But this is my slogan.)


  1. Watched "Now You See Me 2" this morning and laughed when the Horsemen targeted a tech company planning to launch a new smartphone that would secretly siphon all your data and sell it on the black market, as this is essentially what the yahoos at the FCC along with their cohorts in the Senate plan to facilitate in the real world.

    Companies have no right to your data without your consent. If you consent to it, that's one thing --- and I'm not talking implicit consent as a by-product of service usage. Intrusions on the order of "the wholesale access and selling" of your data need to be EXPLICITLY spelled out. Demand accountability!

    1. The House also voted to pass the bill. It would seem that we the people must revolt. Time for a revolution. Apparently Congress thinks we are all fools.