30 March 2017

Engineered to #Drink: Stainless Steel Insulated #Tumblers Are Nifty #Gifts

For all of about 5 minutes, I "owned" one of those vacuum sealed stainless steel double insulated tumblers that can keep drinks cold for ~16 hours or hot for ~8 hours. (Customized with the sponsoring organization's logo, this Glacier cup was given out as an attendee gift at a Women's History Month program --- and I was handed one.) I love the idea of these things and dig the engineering that created them but of course, I couldn't keep it when I knew that it would be better served elsewhere.
Customizable Glacier Tumbler
Thus, I gave it to someone for whom being able to keep beverages at a set temperature for extended periods is more important, namely my "twin," as he is pretty much in a police car all day on patrol. When it's very hot or very cold out, I worry about him more than I normally would. Knowing that he can fill this tumbler with an appropriate beverage to stay hydrated and either cool off or warm up accordingly will help ease my mind. (It's funny when you think about it. He's the one with a gun strapped to his side, but I'm totally protective of him.) I, on the other hand, telecommute. If I need a hot or a cold beverage, I merely walk into the kitchen. A cup like that is overkill. Still neat though.

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