18 March 2017

#SonyPictures #SonyRewards Invitation: #ChappieMovie #AI #Robots #Free #Bluray #FilmFan

OK. So after having received numerous emails from Sony Pictures store imploring me to sign-up for the Sony Rewards program (and get a free movie right away, if I joined by a specific date), I finally bit. I'd ignored the summons previously, because I honestly don't buy many Sony studio movies any longer, so didn't see a real value to the program (though I do own other Sony gear). But, if you're going to force a free movie on me, I'll take it (though the selection was limited). I chose Chappie Blu-ray. Projected to be here within two weeks. I'll have popcorn waiting... I'm a sucker for AI robots films (especially in light of the chance for social commentary and the current zeitgeist.) I adored Chappie (but then, I adore the actor who voiced him).

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