14 November 2016

Bring the #Fandemonium @Vizio! Say It Loud #VizioFans

Intrepid gadget geek here. I'm the kind of person who makes trips to my local Best Buy merely to ogle the wares. I make lists of "products I want" and "products I want developed". (I'm a natural born engineer.) I love technology and expect its use to make things in my life more convenient, simple and/or fun.

And what could be more fun than earning free HDTVs/Home Theater Displays & Home Theater Audio equipment, especially when you're a tech geek, movie lover and music aficionado like me? Not much, let me tell you.

Back in December 2014, I stumbled upon Vizio's loyalty rewards program, known as Fandemonium, and immediately signed up. At the time, I couldn't believe a TV/Audio manufacturer was offering a person the chance to earn big ticket gear for free merely by performing such simple tasks as visiting its website or watching product videos. I thought there had to be a catch. But no...

Since becoming a member, I've amassed enough points to cash out for two sweet soundbars (29" and 38") to complement the HDTVs I already owned. And just this last week I cashed out for a "$250 Off Any Purchase" voucher (good at vizio.com) which I then used to get a brand new 2016 Vizio 32" E-Series SmartCast HDTV with Google Cast built-in (MSRP $229.99) plus a Smartphone/Tablet Fast USB/Wall Charger Kit (MSRP $19.99) for completely free! (The voucher applies to base merchandise cost, so the discount made my subtotal $0.00, which in turn generated no taxes and each item I bought included free shipping.)

BONUS: Vizio.com is currently running a promotion (while supplies last through 31-Dec-2016) wherein one gets a free Star Trek: Beyond UHD Digital Copy (MSRP $29.99) --- in the form of a VUDU code --- with the purchase of any of its new SmartCast HDTVs or (tuner-free) SmartCast Home Theater Displays.

Thus, in addition to getting a free 32" HDTV along with the equivalent of a free Google Chromecast* (MSRP $35.00), and a free Smartphone/Tablet USB/Wall Charger, I should also get a free digital copy of a recent theatrical release movie. (The promotion terms state that the Vudu movie redemption code will be emailed to you 7-10 business days after you register your new SmartCast HDTV/Home Theater Display purchase on Vizio's website.) My new telly arrived last Friday, so I'll find out if code supplies have been exhausted roughly a week afterwards. However, as the promotion is still being actively advertised all over the Vizio website, I fully expect to get a Vudu redemption code in my inbox soon.

*NOTE: New 2016 Vizio SmartCast products have Google Cast built-in. Google Cast is the software only version of its Chromecast hardware. You get the same functionality of a Chromecast device natively, without having to plug a dongle into your TV's HDMI port. So it's an upgrade.

Getting a free Star Trek movie is a cool bonus. I grew up watching TOS reruns on the tube so I'm a Trekkie of old, but I actually haven't seen this latest film. I was unimpressed with the "meh" Star Trek reboot and snored through the "weak tea" Star Trek: Into Darkness, as a result I didn't rush out to see this one. But I was willing to chance it for free. If I hate it, no biggie, though I'm hoping it proves to be a stronger flick than the first two, because it wasn't helmed by JJ Abrams. After disliking what he did with Star Trek and then Stars Wars, I realize I'm just not an Abrams fan (professionally). I was super annoyed that he messed up not one, but two of the iconic Sci-Fi franchises of my childhood.

Regardless, I'm winning the race! I'll have gotten a total of about $315.00 worth of new A/V products and accessories for free. Obviously, I spent time to earn the rewards points in order to trade them in for merchandise, but it only takes me a few minutes to participate in the program each day. Plus, I'm already accumulating Fandemonium rewards points again, saving for the next go around. (There are other rewards available for redemption like branded Tees and mugs, autographed gear, etc., but I save my points up for the big ticket items.)

After I've had a chance to play with my new toys for a bit --- which with the holidays upon us unfortunately may not be until after Christmas --- I'll put up an E-Series SmartCast HDTV review and also give some background detailing my experiences with Vizio (customer service) and its products. I own two Vizio HDTVs and two Vizio soundbars at this point. All of which I got for free. (A few years ago, I won a 60" SmartTV 1080p HDTV in a Winter Fest contest sponsored by an unrelated third-party company. It was my first Vizio product, and is what led me to investigate the company that manufactured it, which is how I stumbled upon the link to the Fandemonium Loyalty Rewards program, and ending up joining. I figured, why not.)

My only regret is that is didn't discover the Fandemonium promotion sooner. I missed out on nearly two years of point earning opportunities. Urgh! But don't cry for me Argentina, as I have attempted to rectify the situation post haste, by earning every point I can nowadays.

Yeah, I'm sitting here grinning as I type this. Sign-up for Vizio Fandemonium Rewards!

NOTICE: I'm a loyal member of the Vizio Fandemonium Loyalty Rewards program, however, I was not asked or required to make this post. The opinions expressed are entirely my own. I have earned Vizio rewards for program participation and may earn (a few) points if you sign-up for the program using my referral link above.

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  1. Update: Received email containing Star Trek: Beyond digital copy code (Vudu redemption). Exchanging HD version code for UHD version, as per offer terms. (Always get the highest resolution available and scale back, if necessary.) Roughly a two-day turn-around on email receipt.