28 November 2016

#FallLeaves in #Georgia: Ode to a Fiery #RedMaple

Red Maple

The front yard is an explosion of fiery colors, red, yellow and orange. The Red Maple trees have really out done themselves this year. Makes quite the statement, a sunlit centerpiece. No wonder Autumn is my favorite season; so much natural wonder to behold.

Cheers to cool weather and hot drinks. Roaring hearth fires, hot ovens, cable-knit sweaters and knee socks.

The trees are no longer green with envy. Fall has finally come home to Georgia.

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  1. It's CyberMonday!

    I hate shopping generally (I don't like crowds); however, there are two exceptions:
    1) I can spend all day wandering around a "gadget and entertainment" store like Best Buy or Fry's, and
    2) I can shop online all day, any day.

    Needless to say, CyberMonday is my favorite shopping day. Shopping in your pajamas FTW!