04 November 2016

To GMO or Non-GMO

What's that you're eating? What's in your food?

As a STEM+M (that's Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Music) girl, I am not blanket anti-GMO. I get the science and understand the potential benefits. On the other hand, I'm also not rah-rah pro-GMO.

GMOs may not be harmful if swallowed, but I believe I have a right to know, if I am eating them. I advocate choice & transparency, particularly where my food is concerned. Labels should tell you the actual ingredients in your food and disclose things like GMOs, Fat, Cholesterol, etc., so that consumers can make informed choices.
I believe in truth in advertising and product quantifiers. So if something says "vegetarian" on the label (or menu), then it should darn well be vegetarian. Do I eat GMOs? Yes, certainly, but it is my choice to do so.

If a company expects me to purchase its product/s, then that company shouldn't have any qualms disclosing exactly what said product is.

And that's my two cents on the issue. Way to go, Vermont!

NOTE: I tend to use STEM+M (my own creation), in place of the well-known acronym STEM, due to the fact that Music, like Science and Engineering, uses Mathematics as its language. Therefore, I submit that Music is a closely related discipline (activating similar regions of the brain), and so should get its due or honor of place. There's a simple reason that a good many engineers & scientists are also musicians and music aficionados. Birds of a feather....

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