12 October 2018

Fall is Finally Here! #WeatherGeek #BeCivil

I can't believe it! The temperature actually dipped down into the 50s overnight and it's only supposed to rise into the 70s today. Yummy! This is my kind of weather. Break out the hoodies, sweatshirts, cable knit sweaters and light coats. Pull out your duck boots. And get ready for a good time. The leaves started turning colors and falling roughly three weeks ago even though we were still in the 90s. The trees decided it was Fall, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Now she's come around!

Pup was so funny on the morning walk. She loves the Fall, also. The cooler weather means less panting outside. Plus, there are so many different things to sniff! She was bounding everywhere.

This weather is a welcome change after the crazy storms and damage that Hurricane Michael brought the other night. At least three big trees toppled around my neighborhood ---thus, the 12-hours power outage. Luckily, only property damage though. No major injuries reported.

I think I'll go mull some cider and put on a pot of rice. I want a nice hot lunch. Well, wherever you are enjoy the day. Hope it's bright and shining! Make it a point to learn something new today. And be kind to your neighbors...

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