10 October 2018

FYI @DrinkCheerwine is introducing #MINICans (NC/SC area) #Tastemakers

I just found out recently (like yesterday) that one of my favorite sodas, Cheerwine (a Southern favorite) is introducing mini cans in the North Carolina (its home state) and South Carolina markets. Apparently, mini cans sell well. Sodas were losing ground to bottled water, but the introduction of mini cans has brought some of those sippers back into the soda fold. Some folks have convinced themselves, that if they buy a smaller soda they will drink less, when most people probably end up drinking more. But to each his own.

Personally, I don't understand the fascination with pretend healthier options. If you want a soda, drink a soda. (I know some people have health issues which may preclude this, but having the option of a mini can vs a regular sized one, isn't truly helping them.) Only way I'm getting a mini can is if someone gives me one (many). I'll stick with my glass bottles or my 12oz cans (in a no-glass-available pinch). Thank you very much.

However, it's cool, if someone tries Cheerwine for the first time via a little can, I guess. If the person hasn't had the soda before and is curious and thinks a smaller serving is a low-key way to check it out. I'm all for it. But I'm a card-toting Cheerwine Fan Club member, a Tastemaker. I buy the real thing, the adult-sized beverages LOL! Good luck with the marketing angle, though. I don't knock a business for trying out new things, sometimes you gotta adapt and change to continue to thrive, as long as they don't touch my glass bottles.

Love y'all, Cheerwine.

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