11 October 2018

My Weekend Watch -- Ocean's 8 UHD Digital Copy #GotItFree #Michael

I just scored a Free UHD MA Digital Copy of Ocean's 8 (4k). I'm a member of a media feedback panel and was asked to watch the movie & the included extras, then fill out a survey within 10 days. To facilitate this, I was given a redemption code for a free digital copy of the movie. The digital copy code was redeemed via Movies Anywhere (and is also UV compatible), so the movie is now stored in the cloud of all my connected services, but I use Vudu as a smartphone app default. I plan to download a copy to my phone for offline viewing just in case something else goes amiss. (We just had a hurricane roar by to our South. My hearts goes out to everyone affected.)

I didn't catch this movie when it was in theaters --- I'm usually gun shy on remakes --- so this should be a fun project. I've since heard it was actually a decent film and I want to see it. Well, my weekend is starting to look good, providing we can dig out from all the damage and debris left by Hurricane Michael by then. I'm hoping for the best. After a 12-hours outage, the power is back on now (which is allowing me to post this). I'll take it as a good sign.

On the bright side, now that the hellavu hurricane and a simultaneously arriving Cold Front have swept through my area, the heat is clearing out. We are finally supposed to get real Fall weather after having been subjected to ~90 degrees temps nearly up until the storm last night. Fall is my favorite season! And I've been antsy waiting for it to actually show up.

I want to say thank you to all the Police & Fire Dept First Responders, the Emergency Crews and Utility workers who braved the storm and kept us afloat! My BFF twin is out on patrol now in this mess. (He wouldn't have it any other way, though.) We owe them all a debt.

Be safe out there, peeps.

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