17 December 2016

A Free One Year Supply of #Cheerwine? Land sakes! #Soda #Rewards #FanClub

Did it. Yes, yes, y'all. FINALLY!
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After having saved for nearly nine months, on yesterday I hit the threshold of points needed to cashout for the top reward available in the Cheerwine Authentic Soda Society catalog.
Give me the precious. It's mine!

With a rebel yell and a fist pump of triumph, I redeemed all the points I'd banked since last April for a free one year supply of Cheerwine (in the form of twenty-four coupons for a free 12-pack of Cheerwine). Holy Cow!

Hmm... Does one drink two 12-packs of soda per month on average? While I could easily guzzle it all by myself, don't worry, I plan to share the bounty with my family and friends. I mean, that's a lot of soda. I certainly wouldn't try to redeem all the coupons at once. But it will be nice to get some free Cheerwine whenever I need a fix. Besides, I do entertain a bit here and there, so this will make for great storeroom stock at my home bar. I've got plans to hatch.

What does one do with a free one year supply of Cheerwine? No idea, but I intend to find out. (I'm certain my "twin" will render assistance. He is such a helpful fella.) Yeah, I'm grinning as I type this. Mwhahaha! Happy Holidays to me!

P.S. I did lust after the "Set of Four Vintage Cheerwine Glasses + One Free 12-pack Coupon" reward and almost pulled the trigger on it, because I really want a set of those glasses for my home bar. But due to the fact that one could earn only ~20 points per month, it would be impossible to claim more than one upper tier reward this first year. So I decided to keep saving for the highest value reward. Alas! Perhaps Cheerwine will repeat the program next year. Hint. Hint. If so, I can opt for the vintage glasses set at that time. Fingers crossed.

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