19 January 2017

The Postman Delivers... #MailCall Fun + Online #Rewards = A Good Day in the Neighborhood

The day before yesterday was a good day. As detailed in my earlier post, the postman delivered my Authentic Soda Society reward, One Year of Free Cheerwine (soda) and that was a win, but it wasn't the only thing I got in the mail. I also received a sample packet of Zuma Green Juice (healthy shake mix), a bottle of KFC 30 SPF Novelty Sunscreen (smells like chicken), a coupon for a Free Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake, a sample packet of Truvia Nectar and a coupon for $25.00 Off Mobil Oil (5 individual quarts or a 5-quart jug) at Advance Auto Parts. What a haul! I'm looking forward to trying out everything. Well, except the motor oil and the sunscreen, neither of which are intended for me, but are meant for my "twin" who will get a kick out of both, undoubtedly.

I was in such a good mood from receiving all this fun stuff in the mail, that I also cashed out some Kellogg's Family Rewards (KFR) points for a $5.00 Papa John's eGift Card and used it to buy myself dinner. I decided to try one of the new sides, the Wisconsin Cheese Stuffed Cheesesticks which are currently 5 bucks on promotion. Thus, I only paid a total of 35-cents, or the tax, OOP. (The cheesesticks were very tasty.) After dinner, pup and I took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and then sat in the front yard and watched the sunset. As it has been hitting 70 odd degrees the last several days, and we're now in the middle of January, supposedly Winter but more like Spring, we were quite comfortable. Turned out to be a wonderful day.

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