19 January 2017

What Does One Year of #Free @DrinkCheerwine Look Like? Planning to Party All of 2017: It's the #Cheertennial!

The other day, my friendly neighborhood postman delivered an eagerly awaited envelope from Cheerwine in Salisbury, NC. Inside of the #10 envelope were 24 coupons for a Free 12-pack of Cheerwine, Diet Cheerwine or Cheerwine Squeeze --- One Year of Free Cheerwine! It's the top prize from the Authentic Soda Society, the Cheerwine Fan Club which launched in the Fall of 2015, and then announced a rewards program the following April. I saved all the points I earned from April 2016 launch to December 2016 close and cashed out for the grandaddy of fan club prizes, One Year of Free Cheerwine. (As the max number of points available to earn in the fan club last year equaled the amount needed to redeem for the top prize, this was necessary, but also worth it.) Thanks to USPS, just in the nick of time my Year of Cheer is here! And it's beautiful to behold.
One Year of Free Cheerwine
But it gets better... In a crazy odd turn of events, Cheerwine accidentally sent me the wrong prize, initially. I was expecting to receive a flat envelope with 24 coupons in it, as described above, but instead got sent a big brown box during the first week of January. When UPS dropped it off on my front porch, I thought to myself, "Either Cheerwine has the most inefficient shipping department on the planet or something is amiss." I carefully opened the box to discover a Cheerwine Logo Cooler, a Cheerwine Logo Beach Towel and a single Free 12-pack coupon inside which, by the way, comprised the penultimate prize in the fan club last year. WTF, right? Disappointed, I repackaged the contents of the box to return and, needless to say, sent the fan club a message alerting them of the error, for which they in turn apologized. This proved a good humored exchange, all was rectified and my correct order was dispatched on its way. I also inquired about returning the incorrect items, but generously was told to keep that order, too, as it was their mistake.

All told, I've ended up with 25 coupons for a Free 12-pack of Cheerwine, a soft-sided cooler and a beach towel, which is way more than I bargained for. Every few moments (I exaggerate, slightly) I take out all 25 coupons and spread them across my desk and stare in wonder. You'll have to excuse me, I'm a bit giddy. Love me some Cheerwine. In order to understand my near lifelong relationship with this iconic Southern soda, you'll have to read my earlier post on the subject: Harken Back to Childhood Nostalgia & Cheer ...wine. While you do that, I think I might have to make a store run, I'm in need of libations for the weekend.

This year (2017) marks Cheerwine's Centennial --- dubbed the (hashtag ready) Cheertennial --- and they have a bunch of fun and exciting activities planned all year long in celebration, including a big birthday party bash on May 20th in their hometown of Salisbury, NC. Tastemakers, the moniker given to Authentic Soda Society fan club members, were sent an email a few days ago, as a heads up. Looks like it will be a banner year for both the Cheerwine brand and its fans. Getting One Year of Free Cheerwine (plus that extra unexpected 12-pack) as a reward couldn't have come at a better time. It will definitely come in handy for all those celebratory anniversary toasts. Here! Here! Good Cheerwine!

Born in the South. Raised in a Glass. Since 1917. Happy Birthday, Cheerwine. Here's to the next 100 years! Let's get this party started.

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