27 December 2016

A Rainy Night in Georgia. Our Wild Weather Keeps on Trucking #WeatherGeek

Christmas Eve was in the sixties. Christmas Day started off in the fifties and topped out in the seventies. Yesterday, started in the fifties also, but pretty much stayed there as clouds, mist, drizzle and fog rolled in... which made the day simultaneously damp and clammy. Today, it's supposed to dry out a bit and return to almost seventy degrees.

My container garden, which utilizes seasonal plants that are supposed to go dormant over the Winter, is still blooming. The weather is like a yo-yo or a pogo stick, bouncing up and down, screwing with Nature's Clock. Air quality is consistently poor. My allergies are killing me, of course (literally and figuratively). I like the great outdoors, it loves me to death. Every time my system gets close to stabilizing, the weather pattern shifts once more.

So much for Winter. It's like I'm suffering through Spring in December. Hooray for January! Perhaps, next month will be more typical. But I'm not gonna hold my breath (it wouldn't be wise, I'm having respiratory problems as is). I might need a vacation from my vacation. I declare Tuesday a day of rest and binge watching. Borrowed Sleepy Hollow, Season One from my sister. Where's the popcorn? I need a Coke.

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